Should restaurant owners get a share of the tips?

Should restaurant owners get a share of the tips?

I was reading an article on the BBC news website and it was explaining how the government are looking to place a ban on restaurant owners taking well earned tips from their staff. When I was working as a waitress we would put all our tips into a jar and they would be evenly split between all the staff members at the end of the month. We would all get an even share of the tips according to the hours and days we worked that month. Often when having large parties in we would split the tips between staff working that particular night. A lot of times the tips are kept by the owner if made by card payment. There is no legal obligation for the employer to give out those tips paid by card and a lot of the time this is where staff are missing out.

Many places add a service charge on to the bottom of a bill often at a rate of 10% or 20%. This leaves the customer often paying for a service they did not enjoy. In places such as America, the national living rate is very low, and many people need their tips to pay bills. Its not compulsory to tip but it is said that the appropriate amount to tip is between 15% and 25% of the bill.

I always tip where necessary as I know how it feels to not receive anything after providing a good service. Depending on where we are dining we often tip between £5-£10 between myself and my partner. I personally feel that tips should be distributed at the end of the night as those who have worked that shift have given the service.

What is your opinion on tipping and do you think there should be a law passed to ensure all large companies give their staff the tips they deserve instead of keeping it for themselves?

Jade Porteous

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