Out and About Friday 20th September 2019

We currently have 76 relief chefs out working, the relief jobs are still coming in and we expect it to start declining mid-November.

Please can all our relief chefs get in touch to let me know what your availability is over Christmas and New Year. Double time is payable on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

We are available Monday – Thursday next week to meet chefs here in Moffat please get in touch to check our availability.

We still have lots of permanent jobs available. If you would like to get registered with us then please email your CV, reference details and hygiene certificates to

Michael and Jessica have both been away this week and its been great to see how the brewery side of things work. Selling beer, planning the delivery route etc but I will leave the brewing to the professionals 😊

Here are a few chefs we have out working with us at the moment

Marc Wohner is at the Pierhouse Hotel in Port Appin until the end of September

Barry Owen is at Culcreuch Castle in Stirlingshire

Lillian Clarkson was extended for another 2 weeks at Falls of Dochart

Brian Ferguson is at Inverlochy Castle in Fort William

George McCallum is at The Tongue Hotel until the end September

Chris Robertson is at Fennel Restaurant in Inverurie

Kevin Berry is at The Lerwick Hotel in Shetland

Ross Hunter is at The Bowes Hotel

Sarah Galloway is at Glengarry Castle working alongside Chris Wright

Thanks to ALL our relief chefs we really appreciate your hard work and continued support

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