Out and about Friday 24th February

Well the last weekend in February and relief has certainly picked up.

If you would like to register for relief work then please email with an up to date CV and contactable work reference quoting RELIEF2017.

Once we take references we would then invite you to meet at our offices in Moffat.

We are meeting Don Craig again next week; he has just completed 19 months in Shetland at the Lerwick Hotel. Well done for sticking it out Don!

David Ironside is going to The Burnett Arms and then he will be starting a part time job working in a Care Home, thanks for all your hard work David and good luck in your new job.

Craig Brown is finishing at the Burts Hotel where he was placed as a relief chef de partie and was quickly appointed as a permanent Sous Chef.

Kenny Bruce has extended his stay at The Caledonian Hotel as Acting Head Chef.

Stuart MacColl is back at The Bridge Hotel in Buttermere then going back the The Kingsmills in Inverness for 3 months as Sous Chef.

Sara Jayne Moffat has done a few jobs on relief and got on very well, she will be starting her new post at the Four Seasons Hotel as permanent Sous Chef.

Thanks all for all your very hard work and continued support.

Here is to a very busy 2017 season.

Trying to find chefs for rural area

I have now been back at the Chefs In Scotland offices for 4 weeks and have found myself getting back into the swing of things in regards to sourcing chefs for all over Scotland. I have found that when any positions are being registered in places such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen area etc – the candidates are coming flooding in. The amount of interest in working in the cities is a considerable amount. The amount of applications we get for the more rural areas in Scotland is considerably less. I myself being born and bred on the Isle of Harris, can understand that living and working in rural areas isn’t everyone’s idea of where they would like to work. We get a lot of jobs registered in rural areas and find that there is always positions available in these areas. When I am doing a search on the database for a rural area – at times there are very few candidates that would like to be placed in that kind of location which can be frustrating (especially on a day like today when it’s only lunchtime and my printer has broken down!) yet I have still managed to get 4 CVS out for rural areas and 2 adverts. What is everyone’s thoughts on working in rural areas? Do you currently work in a rural location and can’t imagine working in a city?

Alannah Morrison

Out and About Friday 17th February

Friday morning again and a frosty one we have in Moffat.

Relief chefs out at the moment are

Steve Moffat at Bayswell Hotel, Rene La Barre at Hilton Edinburgh Airport, Chris Roberti at Gartmore House, Alan Baird at Links Hotel, Mick Kitson at The Dryfesdale Hotel, Michal Buczkowski at the Tongue Hotel, Mark Murray at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel, Ben Mailer at The Dryfesdale Hotel, Stuart MacColl at the Bridge Hotel Buttermere, Jamie Atkinson and Kenny Bruce at The Caledonian Hotel in Dumfries, Andras Rethi at Burts Hotel,Vytis Baltrunas at The Bothy Bistro in Burghead, peter Norrie at Grant Arms Hotel in Monymusk, Dale Paton at Auchen Castle Hotel, Sarah Pozzi at Duisdale, Jenny Quashie at Mackays Hotel and Michael Njoroge at The Newton Hotel.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Have a great day.

Availability of chefs

Availability of Chefs in Scotland 13th February 2017

Head chefs

There are head chef candidates in central Scotland if paying in excess of £28,000 and upwards.

In other major Scottish cities such as Inverness, Aberdeen, Stirling, Perth, Dundee, there is good availability of head chefs, again suggest paying £25,000 upwards, the more money the more choice of good candidates you will have.

In rural Scotland including Skye, Shetland Islands and rural Argyll there are candidates if paying £25,000 upwards with accommodation.

2AA Rosette suggest £30,000 to £38,000 and for 3AA Rosette suggest £40,000 to £45,000.

One rural job in Argyll recently got 40 applicants.

Sous chefs

If it is a live in position for 4 star hotel suggest paying £22,000 to £30,000.

In central areas such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and Stirling can try live-out and you will get candidates. In rural Scotland, it can be harder to get candidates but there are some candidates available if there is a good package in place.

2AA Rosettes there a few available. Suggest wages of £24,000 - £28,000 upwards to £30,000 for 3AA Rosette sous chef.

A good way to attract candidates is to pay hourly rates for every hour worked by chefs. For sous chefs suggest £12 to £14 per hour this will help to attract and retain good candidates.

If paying salaried, we suggest five day week with overtime pro rata over 48 hours.

Chef de parties

Availability currently ok in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perthshire and central belt. Quality can be mixed. In rural Scotland with accommodation there are candidates also..

There are some chefs looking for live in accommodation and may be happy to relocate.

If paying by salary £19,000 for a 45 hour week works out £8.11 an hour which is on the low side. Suggest paying up to £22,000 or hourly rate £9.50 - £12 per hour with live in accommodation at a small charge. We would hope you will get decent candidates with this.

Commis chefs

Few bodies available. Enclosed link to minimum wages.

Pastry a few available happy to have a look

For perm we can look if pay “fee of interest” or advertise

Availability of Relief Chefs change daily and we can advise. Current rates are £12.50 to £16.00 per hour for full working weeks with fee to CIS on top of that of £50 plus Vat per week to 10 weeks within a 9 month period of the chef starting with you.

Out and about Friday 10th February

We still have around 20 chefs out on relief at the moment.

We have met a few chefs here in Moffat this week and still very keen to keep on meeting relief chefs and permanent chefs.

I know our relief chefs are waiting patiently for relief jobs to come in and hopefully this will be very soon.

We will start looking at taking new relief chefs on around Mid-March, all you need to do is email a copy of your updated CV along with recent contactable work references.

Relief chefs get £11 - £17 per hour paid net of tax and NI, return travelling expenses once there and once home either at 30p per mile or at cost price by public transport (bus or train) clean single accommodation at no charge (this may be in the hotel or staff accommodation) and you will get a minimum of 40 hours per week pro rata over 5 days.

Thanks for all your hard work and continued support.