Out and About Friday 17th August

Counting the relief chefs, we still have 80 chefs out that we are billing for.

19 confirmed for the week so far, waiting on establishments to get back to confirm more today.

We are meeting chefs here in Moffat to discuss permanent and relief, for relief especially we are keen to meet all chefs we have on our books and are providing work to. Get in touch to arrange a time and day so we can check our availability.

Relief chef availability still remains very tight, but this expected for the time of year, we are unable to take any more jobs on in August.

Happy to put on from September onwards as the availability is better from then. Happy to take details if you can pay the chef weekly and provide accommodation.

Some of the chefs are not as well known to us and it may be their first relief stint with us. We will give you all the information we have, and the onus is on the employer as to whether they want to take them on or not.

A few chefs we have out working, lets go with some of the ladies 1st

Lillian Clarkson is at Archiestown Hotel

Sarah Pozzi is at The Galleon Grill in Tobermory

Sarah Jeffrey is at Murray Arms Hotel

Laura Galloway is at Orde Food Company

Sara-Jayne Moffat is at The Granary Restaurant

Angela Richards (great having you back) is booked out next week at the Buccleuch and Queensberry Hotel

And some of the gents we have out working

Callum MacMichael is at The Cross Keys Hotel

Graeme Kennedy is at Mackays Hotel

Douglas Gillies is still over in Mull at the Western Isles Hotel

Patrick Johnston is at The Green Hotel

Steve Moffat is at Lomond Hills Hotel

Tim Morris is at The Deeside Inn

A very big thank you to everyone we have out, your hard work is very much appreciated 😊

15th August 2018

I am just back after a few days away in the Chefs In Scotland office while Jade and Alannah were doing a great job managing the permanent vacancies in my absence. We now have the season right under way and as we approach September there are more chefs well known to us becoming available on relief and more chefs available on a permanent basis also as seasonal contracts are due to come to an end.

I am still looking for head and sous chef candidates all over Scotland for permanent jobs and we have lots of interviews being held this week. We have had some excellent chefs out on relief jobs this summer as well as the usual no shows and cancellations, but this is all part and parcel of the day-to-day goings on of chef recruitment. The excellent chefs we have had out on relief have set high standards for chefs interviewing for permanent positions also.

I am meeting chefs here at our offices in Moffat to discuss permanent positions with chefs who are looking for permanent work in the coming months. The meeting will last about 30 minutes and we will discuss your CV and potential work and in general have a chat about the way we work and try to get you placed in a job that is suited to you. If you would be interested in coming to meet, please get in touch so I can check our availability. We meet most days either 11am or 2pm.

I am looking forward to the coming months as we have moved through a period of change in the office and helping to train up Jade to be taking over the permanent junior vacancies. She has been here 2 weeks now and is making a good start with the view to taking over the list in the very near future. If you are looking for chef de partie or commis chef work, please send your CV to and she will be in touch to get you registered.
For now it is time to go back to some chef hunting through our ever growing database.

Newest team member to Chefs In Scotland

Hello im Jade, im just new to Chefs In Scotland.

I have been at Chefs In Scotland for just over a week now and Im settling in well.

I have spoken too many of you throughout my last week via telephone or email.

I have lived in Moffat all my life and worked throughout many establishments in Moffat. I have worked in the catering industry for 5 years. I worked at the Black Bull hotel for just over a year back in 2012 where I later moved to The Stag Hotel for 4 years, so I have worked with many Chefs throughout my time.

I moved to the Moffat Woollen Mill in July 2017 where I worked there for a year dealing with the general public on a daily basis.

In my last week at Chefs in Scotland I have been dealing with many CV’s and references. I have been phoning many establishments and chefs to ask for references, this has helped me to get to know many of the chefs and owners/ managers who I will be working with throughout my time at Chefs In Scotland.

I am working towards taking over the chef de part and commis chef list and hope to do this in the next couple of weeks so I will be your first point of contact.

Any enquires regarding Commis chef or Chef de Partie positions please feel free to contact me at

Hope to hear from many of you soon.

Out and about Friday 10th August

We have over 70 chefs out working as at today.

Relief is very tight as you would expect for the time of year, if you have any availability for relief work please get in touch either by email – or call 01683 222830.

We are still keen to meet relief chefs here in Moffat, please get in touch to check our availability.

Jade is settling in well and getting to grips with the way chef recruitment works.

Alannah is back for a few days while Jessica takes a little time off.

Looking back over the last 6 months and how many relief chefs we have out and the amount of jobs we get confirmed, some do fall down and some hotels cancel due to filling a permanent position.

We meet with Michael once or twice per week to go over what is happening in the office, we always continue with training and going over our policies and making sure everything is up to date.

A few chefs we had booked out 6 months ago and where they are now

Gordon Wright was at the Pierhouse Hotel then went to The Cartland Bridge and was there for around 5 months

Alan Anderson was at Mackays Hotel and is now fixed up with his own work

Ally Elder was at the Ramnee Hotel and is at the Frigate in Ullapool

Paul Sellers was booked at the Hall Garth this job was cancelled he is currently at the Royal an Lochan Hotel

Michael Njoroge was at the Gathering Place Bistro and is now at the Royal Golf Hotel Dornoch

Mark Bellingham was at The Springkell and has taken a seasonal position at The Harris Hotel

Stuart MacColl was at The Cairngorm Hotel and has just started at Y not bar and grill

Zander Yule was at La Piazza and just finished at the Old Manor Hotel

John Taylor was at The Cartland Bridge Hotel and has just finished at Y Not bar and grill

Cameron Brown also at The Cartland Bridge Hotel just finished a 6 month stint

Gary Williamson was at the Four Seasons hotel in St Fillans and is currently at the Isle Ornsay Hotel

Stuart Palmer was at Scripture Union and still helps out now and again

Johan Sikkema was at Muckrach Lodge and is now at the Carrbridge Kitchen

Ed Stankaitis was at the Caley Sample Room and is currently at Archerfield Golf

Sarah Jeffrey also at the Caley Sample Room and is at the Murray Arms Hotel

David Young was at The Pentlandview Care Home and has just started at Cringletie House Hotel

Thanks all for all your hard work and support 😊

Meeting Relief Chefs

I am looking to meet more of our relief chefs or new chefs looking to get registered.

We can meet Tuesday to Friday 11am or 2pm.

If you want to get in touch with me to arrange a time you can either PM me, call 01683 222830 or email