Out and about 26th May 2017.

We have 75 relief chefs out working mostly in Scotland and with a few in the north of England.

I have met 2 chefs this week for relief work, always happy for chefs to come and have a chat regarding relief work just get in touch and we can check our availability.

We have been busy this month on relief with an average of 23.5 chefs out per week.

We always try our best to get chefs to establishments in need of cover.

We have been having some lovely weather there are 3 CIS pens up for grabs for photos of the area you have been working, winners will be picked on Monday afternoon.

Out at the moment………………

Dale Paton is currently at Glengarry Castle as relief sous chef getting on well and booked again for June.

Sarah Pozzi and relief bear Chris are at The Royal Golf Hotel in Dornoch as relief sous chef (Great pictures Sarah)

Lillian Clarkson has been extended at The Armadale Castle on Skye as relief head chef.

Vytis Baltrunas is back over helping out covering holidays at Formartines in Aberdeenshire.

Cameron Brown is coming to the end of his stint as relief head chef at Ardanaseig Hotel as they have appointed a new head chef David Allan, David has just completed 4 weeks at The Scalloway Hotel in Shetland.

Derrick Bartley is in Kincraig at Loch Insh Watersports Centre along with Alan Macpherson.

Kirsty Hamilton was at Ardanaseig Hotel then went to Tontine Hotel in the Borders and has just finished a 2nd stint back at Ardanaseig.

Stuart Palmer is working at Scripture Union near Kinross and is home every evening.

Mark Bellingham is currently in Tongue at the Tongue Hotel as relief sous chef, Gary Imlach is starting as permanent head chef and Michal Buczcowki is going to be Sous Chef (good luck to both)

Thanks to all for your continued hard work and support it is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to register for relief then please email your updated CV to or you can call us on 01683 222830

 Jobs in England

Many of you will know we have been aiming to get more and more work in England, especially Cumbria, Northumberland and North Yorkshire.

In January we set out to do this by sending lots of brochures and pens out to places within these areas. So far this year out of all the jobs we have had registered including adverts and solely Chefs In Scotland to look 3.5% have been within this area and the percentage has been increasing since January where there were no jobs in England to April and May during which time the majority of the jobs in these areas have been posted.
Relief work in the north of England remains steady with positions in the Lake District and the north east most regularly registered.
We will continue to place chefs in England whether that be relief or permanent and get jobs registered there too.
If you are looking to register a position whether it is permanent or relief please call the office on 01683 222 830 and we will take all of the details.
If you are looking for work in England please email a copy of your up-to-date CV to and we will get in touch with you.

  Chefs In Scotland (CIS) for Chefs:   

To help CIS to offer you work we ask for help with the following:

Please :

1. Complete all agreed work stints.

2. Be punctual for all relief jobs booked via CIS

3. Have a good supply of clean whites and suitable knives.

4. Look after accommodation provided and leave as it is found.

5. Do not drink any alcohol whilst on duty and off duty please drink responsibly on time off or after shift.

6. Do not write anything on social media that reflects badly on CIS.

One dozen placements for summer.

I have now been back at Chefs In Scotland for 3 ½ months and I have so far had 6 permanent placements.

My goal is to have at least a dozen placements by the middle of the summer.

Over Easter weekend, we were hammered with adverts and they seemed to be never ending. We were so busy that it was difficult to get a chance to do searches.

Here at the office, there are a number of procedures we go through when doing a search for a job. I am currently dealing with commis chef and chef de partie postions. We use our extensive database which has thousands of chefs on – which we update daily to mark chefs available/unavailable and any information such as what area they would ideally like to work, salary expectations etc. We also use our main trade website to advertise all positions as well as our social media.

In terms of permanent recruitment, you can have a pure advert which is apply directly to yourself or we can do the search for you.

I can help you with any advice on what salary to offer, accommodation queries or any other questions that you may have to ensure the best possible chance of finding you a chef.

I have a list which I update daily of all jobs I will be doing searches for that day and I set aside a part of my day solely to do searches.

As said before, my aim is to increase my permanent placements by at least double.

If you are looking to advertise for any commis chef or chef de partie positions or are looking for us to find a chef for you, please call our office on 0168322830 and I will do my best to help.

We are always looking for new commis chef and chef de partie candidates. If you would like to register with Chefs In Scotland, please email and I can get you registered.


Alannah Morrison