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Feel free to drop us an email and we can respond or PM us on facebook.

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That's our phones now switched over you will now be able to reach us on 01683 221367 until 2.30pm today

Out and about Friday 27th April

Another month nearly over

We have 63 relief chefs out working all over Scotland

1 week today until we start to pack up Sunnybrae and move to Well Street, we are all very excited about the move and hoping everything goes to plan.

Lots of interviews being arranged and have taken place this week.

If you are a relief chef with availability please get in touch or if you are looking to register please email over your updated CV with contactable work references to

Out and about just now

Steve Moffat is over in Bute at the Victoria Hotel

Grant Marshall is at The Moorings Hotel in Fort William

Robin Mccrindle is at Cringletie House Hotel in the Borders

Graham Smith is a Y Not in Thurso

Tom Morris is at Go Glasgow Urban Hotel

Kevin MacAngus is at the Garth Hotel in Grantown on Spey

Sebastian Luszczynski is at The Old Manor Hotel in fife

Michael George is also in Bute at the Glenburn hotel

Chris Roberti is at Fife Arms Hotel in turriff

Alan Baird and glyn Musker are at The Bothy Bistro in Burghead

Taylor Macfarlane and Jim Miller are at the Walled Garden Café at Gordon Castle in Fochabers

Lillian Clarkson is at Kyleakin Quarry in Skye

Thanks everyone for all your hard work – nice to get excellent feed back forms back 😊

Availability of Chefs 16th April 2018

Availability of Chefs 16th April 2018

Head chefs

If paying good money and in a central location such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Perth the availability of decent head chefs is good, basically, the more central and the larger local population the better availability.

What is good money for a head chef? This can vary from a small pub to a large five star or 3AA Rosette Hotel and can be anything from £12 per hour for a one man job cooking simple food to £45,000 and upwards.

For a standard hotel job in I would suggest £28,000 to £35,000 with overtime paid pro rata over 45 to 48 hours sanctioned by management.

Bonus schemes always help and can be based on getting a gross profit margin of over say 65 to 70% and it is always advisable stressing in advance how often the bonus is paid and what the exact criteria are. Other bonuses may be based on increase in sales. Keeping wages ratio down and helping to achieve certain net profits subject to maintaining quality of food, kitchen cleanliness and staff retention.

In more rural Scotland it is harder to get and retain chefs and often accommodation should be offered to attract suitable candidates.

Sous chefs

The availability of sous chefs in rural Scotland is getting poorer as we move into middle April. Sometimes, a mature former head chef will be happy to take a step back to work alongside head chef.

In more central Scotland, there are quite a few candidates about and if paying decent money and offering good working conditions there is no reason why you cannot land and keep a good sous chef with a stable track record.

In rural Scotland, there can be a need to think outside of the box to retain and attract good sous chef candidates and many establishments find it easier to take on relief chefs for the season.

Chef de parties

Availability is good in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the central belt.

In rural Scotland with accommodation there are candidates if wages are decent, suggesting £9 to £11 per hour. The more money you can pay the better the availability of chefs is.

For chef de partie jobs it is a chef market.

Commis chefs

There are usually a few candidates available centrally or further afield if offering accommodation.

Pastry Chefs: this is quite a specialist position and there are often a couple of specialised pastry chefs looking, not always though.

Enclosed link to minimum wages.

Availability of Relief Chefs changes daily and we can advise daily, it is currently quite good and the rates of pay are the same as last year. From £12.50 to £16 per hour according to the season. These rates may go up as the season progressed.

13th April 2018

13th April 2018 Newsletter

“Makings of an Entrepreneur”

Rule 1: Pitch up

Rule 2: Pitch up

Rule 3: it is a struggle. You are working away, trying hard… continue to pitch up.

Rule 4: Nothing is going quite right; your work colleagues are getting adverts for fun, making placements (both relief and permanent) like picking apples from a low lying apple tree. You are getting nothing. Nada…nichts…nic..hakuna..rien…squat diddly. See Rule 1 pitch up.

Rule 5: listen, be aware of all that is happening around you, take note, carry forward, work on, try to improve, learn.

Rule 6: Persevere. This isn’t going to come easily and happen overnight. Your name is not Zucherberg.

Rule 7: Persevere. Didn’t work yesterday? Huh? Not working today. Guess what it may not work out tomorrow either. It may not work out next week. Your name is not Alexander Graham Bell.

Rule 8: Adapt, fed up of sinking. Why not try swimming. Learn to swim, it may be difficult and the first strokes hard and those other swimmers will swim past you as you splash and gasp for air.

Rule 9: Adapt. Others have struggled and learned to learn from failure. Keep trying. Keep striving to improve. Don’t give up.

Rule ten: Pitch up. Make 4 permanent placements in a week. Get adverts for fun. Make Beer.