Beer, music and the chance to be part of something great.

Galldachd na h-Alba is hosting a tapas and music night on the 15th of December at Sunnybrae in Moffat. This will kick off with the reveal of the first beers and the investor share prospectus. Research is well under way to develop a unique flavour with the hope that when the brewery opens in January 2018 trading can commence right away. The festive event will allow the locals of Moffat, Lockerbie and the surrounding areas to sample first-hand what the brewery will be producing next year. As well as this they will have the opportunity to be part of a local project that has huge potential to not only boost the local economy but to provide employment opportunities down the line. The investor share prospectus outlines the key areas of the brewery and where it will be in 5, 10 years’ time.

Further details of the event will follow but it is hoped that the interest of locals will be sparked by a fine tasting brew.

Out and About Friday 13th

Relief remains busy so far but as we get closer to November it will start to quieten down.

The availability and quality of chefs is also better.

If you haven’t already please get in touch with your availability for over the festive period (double time is payable both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day)

Some of the chefs we have had out from 16th September –

Graham Mcleish at The Lovat, Duncan McIntyre at Kings Manor, George McCallum at Summer Isles, Jamie Atkinson at Selkirk Arms, Stuart MacColl at Grey Gull and then Popinjay, Daniel Rothwell at Ballachulish, Craig Brown at Carfraemill, Michael George at Royal An Lochan, Dom Kelecius at Mansion House, Matthew Moorhead at Airds, Donnie Lamont at Cuillin Hills, Sarah Pozzi at Springkell, Lillian Clarkson at Woll Golf, Paul Sellers at Border Hotel and now back at Collingwood David Young at Ferry Inn, Mark Shaw at Cullen Bay, Duncan Campbell at Bungo Glasgow and Steven Beckett at Dunavon.

Lots of excellent feedback - Keep up the good work everyone it is appreciated.

Six weeks at CIS

Time has flown by since the start of September when I started at Chefs In Scotland.

The brewery Galldachd na h-Alba takes up a lot of my time. I have been doing a lot to try and make the building good, get the change of use from the council and register the business.

I spend one or two days a week upstairs in the recruitment office throwing myself into the world of chef recruitment. The most difficult part, without a doubt, is getting chefs to answer their phones! So if you're reading this chefs, please pick up. I have had to learn very quickly and have made more than a few mistakes when answering the phone (sorry Lillian!). I am , however, starting to recognise our regulars but there are a lot.

I also spend time organising all of the Chefs In Scotland properties, there are 8! I'm still to see the one in Spain but that might be a tad far for a day trip. We are hoping to have Nether Cottage in Crocketford filled with new tenants soon.

Golfing in Scotland is another project I have been working on. The idea is to replicate CIS in the golf world, promoting golf packages and job vacancies. The site is live now

Working at CIS is like having four jobs rolled into one, it's great! I guess I should have know that though with the job title 'Director of special projects'.


Out and about Friday 6th October.

We have 73 relief chefs out working, this is a 28% increase on last year.

Relief remains busy so far as we move in to October with an average of 5 jobs being filled per day.


The availability and quality of chefs is also better.

If you haven’t already please get in touch with your availability for over the festive period (double time is payable both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day)

I am off for 1 week after today, Alannah will be picking up relief so if you are interested in anything please PM her or email

Jobs out - 1st to 15th September were.

Vlad Sviridenko at Kenmore Hotel, Jenny Quashie at Daffodill Hotel, Mark Shaw at Springkell, James Miller at Kitchen Brasserie, Ricky Agnew at Aysgarth Hotel, Stacey Donnelly at Garth Hotel, Thomas Scott at Hotel Hebrides, Dale Paton at SU Scotland, Gordon Wright at Drovers Inn, Chris Daily at Allan Ramsay Hotel, Vlad Sviridenko at Bridge Hotel, Steve Nye at Victoria Hotel Bute, Sarah Pozzi at Four Seasons Onich, Daniel Rothwell at Eden Court, Glenn Richards at Glenisle Hotel, Glyn Musker at Tontine Hotel, Gemma McGregor at Mansion House, Ian Hoey at Ramnee Hotel, David Ironside at Old Manor Hotel, Ricky Leyland at Aysgarth Hotel, Duncan Campbell at Fishers Hotel, James O’Brien at Grant Arms Hotel, John McGregor at Jam Jar, Stuart MacColl at Drovers Inn, Ivan D’Allesandro at Pierhouse Hotel, James Miller at Eden Court, Gary Williamson at Four Seasons Hotel, Thomas McLean at Queens Hotel, Gordon Wright at Cross Keys hotel, Andy Hughes at Popinjay Hotel, Iain Rennie at Bridge Hotel, Tim Morris at Three Lemons and Leon Edgson at Tigh an Eilean Hotel.

Lots of excellent feedback - Keep up the good work everyone it is appreciated.

Galldachd na h-Alba Brewery Update

Progress continues to be made on the brewery. We are now an officially registered company 'Galldachd na h-Alba Brewing ltd' after a small hiccup from companies house hitting the wrong button on our application. We plan to trade under Lowland Brewing so don't worry if you can't pronounce the Gaelic name!

The building in Lockerbie is still waiting for it's change of use from the council, they really do like to take their time! The decision date for them is November 21st. Once we have this we are primed and ready to send out our investor share prospectus so watch this space. And if you are interested in shares email and we will get you on the list.

We have been in touch with PBC brewing equipment and ordered our brewing set-up, a 4 Barrel brew house to start, which should produce upwards of 1500 litres of beer a week! The delivery date is set for the 15th of January.

In the mean time we plan on clearing out the garage here at Sunnybrae and creating a brew lab to experiment with flavours for our beer. And at Christmas time we plan to hold a festive beer tasting.

We are also continuing to work on a website and logo.