This week at Chefs In Scotland Alannah and I have been busy getting lots of CVs out for chefs for positions all over Scotland and in the North of England with the view to getting chefs placed. As the season turns the availability of chefs becomes much better and there is more choice of chefs although it is still sometimes difficult to get chefs for the more rural positions. We do try and advise establishments the best ways to attract relevant candidates when we are through the recruitment process. We advise a good salary or a decent hourly rate of pay and pay weekly is an effective way to attract chefs but we can only advise. It is difficult to see some chefs leaving jobs too quickly or CVs with lots of movement but it is still very much a chef’s market even as we come close to the end of the season.

We have implemented working terms of employment for more senior positions that have solely asked us to look as we find that looking at chef retention is crucial.

Also things like working 4 days a week and some evenings off and just being innovative is good to attract chefs and also more importantly retain them.

What is the one thing other than money that would either entice you or keep you in a job?

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