Out and about Friday 22nd June

We still have around 80 chefs out working and numbers still keep growing, there has been 28 chefs placed this week so far with more to be confirmed just waiting on the establishments to get back.

We are open

We have access to the internet in our new office, our phone lines are not quiet up and running just yet.

Phone Lines

That's our phones now switched over you will now be able to reach us on 01683 221367 until 2.30pm today

Out and about Friday 27th April

Another month nearly over

Availability of Chefs 16th April 2018

Availability of Chefs 16th April 2018

13th April 2018

13th April 2018 Newsletter

10th April 2018

Lowland Brewing 10th April 2018

newspage 15th March 2018

Newspage 15th March 2018

7th March Thoughts from Spain

7th March Thoughts from Spain

Out and about 23rd February

A very busy week - 19 relief chefs out and 37 adverts placed so far.


21st February 2018 newspage

Lowland Brewing 13th February 2018

Lowland Brewing (LB) update


trying to post photos

7th February 2018

Newspage 7th February 2018

Out and about 2nd February 2018

We still have 35 relief chefs out working which is 14 more than last year.

Thursday 1st February 2018

1st February 2018 Newspage

A meal

Cooking a meal

Out and about Friday 26th January.

Nearly the end of January already, it can be a strange month for some establishments for us it has been very busy with lots of new jobs coming in for the season ahead, lots of places looking at good rates and good working terms. Lots of new chefs getting registered and lots of CV’s getting sent out.

Newspage 24th January 2018

Newspage 24th January 2018

Out and About Friday 19th January

Relief work still remains quiet / patchy.