Out and About Friday 16th March

Its been a busy week in the Chefs In Scotland office with Michael looking after Head and Sous Placements, Jessica looking after Chef de Partie and Commis Chef Placements and myself working on relief.

Out and about 2nd March 2018

Well this weather has sent to try us all.

Lowland Brewing Update 20th February 2018

There are a few things happening with the brewery at the moment.

Out and about Friday 16th February.

We are now more than half way through February and with 37 chefs currently out working, this is up on last year by 21!!!!

Out and about Friday 12th January

25 relief chefs out working – 10 up on last year

Four months as the DSP.

It’s been four months now since I started here at Chefs In Scotland as the Director of Special Projects.

Out and about Friday 15th December

We have over 40 relief chefs working; this is up on last year by around 10 – 15.

Out and about Friday 24th November 2017

Its 4 weeks till Christmas on Monday and relief has held up this week for bookings over the festive period. Johanna returns on Monday after 2 weeks off and Tom in on holiday next week for a break also. We are starting to get positions in for as far ahead as March 2018 so please do send your CV in if you are looking for work in the new year.

Working at Chefs In Scotland

As the newbie on the CIS team I have settled in very quickly to the recruitment side of things. Although my main task here at CIS is to get Galldachd na h-Alba Brewery up and running I come to the upstairs office and do some chef recruitment when one of the girls are on holiday.

Out and About Friday 17th November 2017

There are currently 46 chefs out on jobs through us which is nearly doubled since last year.

Out and About Friday 10th November.

We have 47 relief chefs out working this is 16 more chefs out than last year which is brilliant.

Galldachd na h-Alba Brewing November 2017

I can't believe it's November already. Time is flying by now. As we get closer to the New Year everything is starting to fall into place. We have had the asbestos removed from the building and have had a whole host of quotes for completing the building work.

Out and about 3rd November

We still have a high number of chefs out working on relief.

Beer, music and the chance to be part of something great.

Galldachd na h-Alba is hosting a tapas and music night on the 15th of December at Sunnybrae in Moffat. This will kick off with the reveal of the first beers and the investor share prospectus. Research is well under way to develop a unique flavour with the hope that when the brewery opens in January 2018 trading can commence right away. The festive event will allow the locals of Moffat, Lockerbie and the surrounding areas to sample first-hand what the brewery will be producing next year. As well as this they will have the opportunity to be part of a local project that has huge potential to not only boost the local economy but to provide employment opportunities down the line. The investor share prospectus outlines the key areas of the brewery and where it will be in 5, 10 years’ time.

Out and About Friday 13th

Relief remains busy so far but as we get closer to November it will start to quieten down.

Six weeks at CIS

Time has flown by since the start of September when I started at Chefs In Scotland.

Out and about Friday 6th October.

We have 73 relief chefs out working, this is a 28% increase on last year.

Galldachd na h-Alba Brewery Update

Progress continues to be made on the brewery. We are now an officially registered company 'Galldachd na h-Alba Brewing ltd' after a small hiccup from companies house hitting the wrong button on our application. We plan to trade under Lowland Brewing so don't worry if you can't pronounce the Gaelic name!


This week at Chefs In Scotland Alannah and I have been busy getting lots of CVs out for chefs for positions all over Scotland and in the North of England with the view to getting chefs placed. As the season turns the availability of chefs becomes much better and there is more choice of chefs although it is still sometimes difficult to get chefs for the more rural positions. We do try and advise establishments the best ways to attract relevant candidates when we are through the recruitment process. We advise a good salary or a decent hourly rate of pay and pay weekly is an effective way to attract chefs but we can only advise. It is difficult to see some chefs leaving jobs too quickly or CVs with lots of movement but it is still very much a chef’s market even as we come close to the end of the season.