Out and About Friday 14th December

There are 46 relief chefs out working all over Scotland this is up by 4 on last year, although it has been a little quieter the jobs are starting to come in now, with probably a mad rush next week (keep your phones on guys and girls) 😊

Only 11 days until the Big Man comes, hope you are all ready and getting excited.

Our policy of taking on new relief chefs

We are happy to take on new chefs but the priority does go to the relief chefs who have worked all season, please email your CV to we will call you and get you registered and chase up 2 recent references as standard.

Relief chefs we got booked at the end of November

Tom Smyth at The Alexandra Hotel in Fort William

Janet Wilson was at The Isles of Glencoe Hotel

Jason Keenan was at Loch Kinnord Hotel and is booked to go back over New Year

Graham Smith is at Fife Lodge in Banff

Jonny Lewis is at Mackays Hotel in Wick

David Thompson was at East Haugh Hotel and will be back for a couple of months at the end of December

Chris Campbell is in Shetland at The Scalloway Hotel

Mark Wildman is at Skeabost Hotel in Skye

Allan Ritchie is at the Albert Hotel in Orkney

Michael Njororge is at Baxter’s in Fochabers

Steve Moffat finishes today at The Dryfesdale Hotel

Ally Brown is at The Moorings Hotel in Fort William along with Glenn Richards

Thanks to all our relief chefs for your continued support and very hard work

Preparing for the New Year

As 2018 draws to an end here at the Chefs In Scotland office we are preparing for the fast approaching year ahead. We are currently in the process of filing and general admin. We are still receiving CV’s in on a daily basis and are still processing applications for jobs.

Whist relief work and permanent recruitment is steady at the moment we are preparing ourselves for what will be a very busy January.

In the New Year we are hoping to have a new bathroom in place, hopefully in February or March. We are in the process of getting quotes from local companies who can fit our bathroom for us and we are looking at different designs.

In the New Year I am hoping to get many more permanent placements as I found it to be so rewarding to finally place a chef. I thoroughly enjoy placing chefs as it makes the job a lot more worthwhile.

I am still looking for junior chefs to fill positions that I am currently recruiting for. If you are looking for any junior positions then please send me your most up to date CV and reference details.

Out and About Friday 7th December

We have 44 relief chefs out working which is the exact same number of chefs out as we did last year.

If you are not working and have availability, please do send a copy of your CV in and we will chase references as standard.

We can mark you available, but priority is given to those who have had placements via CIS over the summer season.

For existing chefs who have done work all year round would suggest 40 – 60% chance of getting you work over the winter.

If you can also get in touch with your availability for Christmas and New year.

We are still happy to meet chefs here in Moffat, please get in touch to check our availability.

Jade will be back next week after having some time off, Jessica is off next week and both myself and Jade will be picking up Senior chef recruitment.

Here are more chefs we have out working

Ryan Williamson is at the Garfield Hotel as sous chef

Gareth Connolly was placed at Kirkcudbright Bay Hotel as relief chef but has taken on the permanent job

Ally Brown is at the Moorings Hotel in Fort William as Head Chef

Lisa Campbell was at the Eglinton Arms Hotel as Junior Sous Chef

Jim Miller is at the Milton Inn as Sous chef

Sharon Shearer is at the Kitchen Brasserie as Chef de Partie

Patrick Johnstone was at The Cairngorm Hotel as Chef de Partie

Chris Roberti is at the Glenmhor Hotel in Inverness as Head Chef

Thanks to everyone we have out working and to everyone awaiting their next job

Office junior to permanent recruitment manager

I am now into my fourth year working at Chefs In Scotland and I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has flown by. As many of you may know I came to work at Chefs In Scotland after an accident took me out of the chef world. I had previously worked at Chefs In Scotland for about 6 weeks in the summer of 2012 and when I saw they were looking for an office junior in April 2015 I emailed Michael my CV and by the end of the week I was back in the office. It started off just filing, calling chefs, doing references and generally assisting Johanna and Michael and we were based at the offices in Sunnybrae. As I got more confident in the day to day goings on in the office, I got given the junior chef vacancies list and that’s where it all started. I started slow and it took me some time to get into the swing of it and was set on meeting my daily targets for CVs out and arranging interviews before I finally got onto placing some chefs. I started off getting a hold of a few head chef jobs when Michael was on annual leave and placed my first head chef in Northumberland in September 2015 which isn’t quite as quick as Tom Barr who placed a head chef during his second month at Chefs In Scotland. However nearly 4 years on and we placed 5 head chefs last month, this included one establishment abroad, as well as Orkney, Glasgow, Fife and Aberdeenshire. As the year comes to an end in the coming weeks, we have been busy getting lots of filing done as well as getting chefs registered and references chased up. Bracing ourselves for a very busy January and 2019 season to follow.

In my time here, which is short compared to some of the head chefs I speak to who have been in jobs for five, ten, years plus, I have really enjoyed speaking to chefs from all over Scotland and further afield. What begun as a little bit of filing has now turned into a career which although can be frustrating at times, with no two days the same, it is also very rewarding helping chefs through their careers.

After the office move in May this year it really has been a positive move for Chefs In Scotland with us all working towards the same goal which is to ensure we are providing the best service to both chefs and establishments all over Scotland although we will quite happily welcome any other jobs in America, Hong Kong, the Caribbean and other places abroad looking for chefs also.

Here’s to many more years.

Festive Opening Hours

Monday 17th December – Friday 21st December

9am to 5pm

Saturday 22nd December

10am to 12 noon

Monday 24th December

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Christmas Day (25th Dec) and Boxing Day (26th Dec)


Thursday 27th December and Friday 28th December

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New Year’s Day (1st Jan) and Wednesday 2nd January


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