Out and About Friday 28th February

We currently have 34 relief chefs out working and 11 jobs confirmed for the week.

We met Stephen Hamilton today to discuss relief work for the up and coming season, if you wish to book an appointment then please get in touch to check our availability.

Jessica and Jade have been getting lots of interviews arranged, we have placed 4 chefs this week and have got 26 adverts so far.

We still have £25 + vat off any advert placed until tomorrow at 12.30pm.

If you are looking to get registered for relief work please email with your updated CV, reference details and hygiene certificate.

Here are some chefs we have out at the moment

Sarah Pozzi is back helping as Head Chef at The Craigmanor Hotel in the Lakes

Michael George is at Thainstone Events working alongside Shaun Murray

Michael Pallister made it over to the Isle of Iona to start his 4-week stint at The Bishop’s House

Jim Miller is at the Inveraray Inn

Barry Owen is finishing today at The Galley of Lorne Inn

Ryan Willaimson is at The Skeabost Hotel in Skye

James Avery is at Portavadie Marina

Tim Morris is back helping at The Pinetrees in Perthshire

Thanks to you all for your continued support and hard work 😊

Corona virus 2020

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. Four further patients in England have tested positive for COVI-19, bringing the total number of cases in the UK to 13.

The risk to individuals remains low. There has been no one tested positive for the virus in Scotland so far. However, a school local to us in Carlisle which is only 36 miles away from Moffat is allowing pupils to work from home because of fears about the possible spread of Coronavirus following a skiing trip to northern Italy. While they didn't visit the effected region, which is the centre of the outbreak, travellers returning to the UK from the area were told they may need to isolate themselves in a measure to stop the spread of illness.

You will have seen in the news that a hotel in Tenerife in Spain's Canary Islands has been locked down after an Italian doctor visiting there tested positive for coronavirus.

People are close to calling the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

In Scotland during the summer season millions of tourists from all over the world visit to see our beautiful beaches, experience our culture and try our delicious seafood. Last year this contributed nearly 5000 million to the Scottish economy.

Has anyone had any holidays cancelled due to this outbreak and what impact do you think this will have on Scottish tourism for the upcoming season?

Monday 24th February

On Saturday we celebrated Johanna’s 10 - year anniversary at the CIS office and Maureen’s birthday. We went for lunch at The Bank in Dumfries just on the sands. We ordered a selection of tapas and drinks from the menu and shared amongst ourselves. I personally ordered the Mussels in a creamy sauce and coconut breaded prawns, a few other dishes we enjoyed were pigs’ cheeks, Chorizo & king prawns and some lamb kebab styled skewers. Lots more tapas too but too many to list! Also forgot to take a picture of the food as were too excited to get stuck in.

They have deals on through the week as well, a selection of tapas and a drink for £20. The prices were very reasonable as they were large portions for being tapas dishes. We thoroughly enjoyed, so much so that I am going again this Saturday for the mussels and prawns! Would highly recommend. We never had any desserts as we were full, but the selection looked nice. It’s a lovely restaurant with nice views of the sands as well. We continued on from here to the Hole I’ the Wa for a few other drinks.

We are all back in the office today and hoping for a busy week! We are hoping for snow but there is nothing in Moffat yet. Let see your snow pictures if you have any.

Out and About Friday 21st February

We are having a good week in the CIS office this week with 20 adverts, 13 relief jobs confirmed and 1 permanent placement so far. Johanna has been away on annual leave, so I have been dealing with relief and some permanent recruitment and Jade has been picking up the rest of the permanent recruitment and has been arranging a lot of interviews.

We have 30 relief chefs out working which is on par with last year.

The weather has been dreadful with storm Dennis and the continuing rain. We hope everyone has stayed safe on their travels to jobs.

We are keen to meet chefs here in Moffat for future work relief or permanent. Please get in touch to check our availability.

We have now got some managerial and front of house positions on our list for permanent if you are looking for front of house work.

We have an offer on for adverts until the end of February with £25 + vat off any advert placed.

Policy on taking on new relief chefs – we are happy to get new chefs registered but the priority of work goes to the chefs who have worked all season and previous seasons. Relief work picks up from mid-March 2020. Please just email your up to date CV reference details and hygiene certificate to

Here are a few chefs we have out just now

Chris Mcsevney is at the Spiritualist in Glasgow for a few weeks. Brian Ferguson is back at The Scores Hotel in St Andrews. Ally Elder is over at Portavadie Marina helping them out for a couple of weeks. Ross Hunter is working for the next couple of days at The Woodpecker Restaurant in Lanark. Roddy Mackinnon is at The Scalloway Hotel in the Shetland Isles. Peter Norrie is back at Kastille and Ally Brown is in Oban at The Ben Nevis Hotel.

Thanks all for your patience and hard work, we really appreciate it 😊

Caroline Flack

It was very sad to hear over the weekend that Caroline Flack had taken her own life. There has been a lot in the media recently about her personal life regarding an upcoming domestic violence trial involving her boyfriend. She had received countless abuse from both social media and through the press. A petition is doing the rounds through social media as we speak to bring in ‘Carolines Law’. A law that will ban the press and online trolling from posting inaccurate or false accusations about people and to stop cyber bullying. Many of the newspapers and magazines were all paying tribute to her over the weekend, yet only a few weeks ago they had her pending court case plastered over the front pages.

This is the third Love Island star to claim their own life due to severe pressure from the media. Saturday nights show was cancelled due to Caroline’s death, but I personally feel the whole show should be cancelled all together. There are masses of pressure on everyone to look a certain way, act a certain way etc according to what we see daily on social media. Women especially feel the pressure to look like those we see in magazines, newspapers and tv shows.

It is times like these you can truly appreciate not being in the public eye. Everything you do constantly criticised for the world to see. It must be really hard for celebrities to cope with the media and you would need to have a thick skin to cope, but it shouldn’t be that way. Mental health is very important to everyone and we shouldn’t ignore it. We should all know that it is okay to not be okay and end the stigma around mental health. Hopefully there is some good that can come from Caroline's passing, that those who are struggling can finally speak up and get the help they need. A smile can hide so much and we should all be kinder on social media and to those we meet on a daily basis. #carolineslaw #boycottthemedia #benice