How important is appreciation in your job?

It is well known that a person who is appreciated in their job will go the extra mile by either coming in a bit earlier or working a bit later if needed to get the job done. In the hospitality industry this is something that chefs, me included in the past, are required to do all the time.

Is extra appreciation required for going the extra mile or is that just part of doing a job well done?

Richard Branson who is a well-known entrepreneur with very successful businesses says that if you look after your staff they will look after your customers. Happy staff=happy customers. Does feeling underappreciated in the work place make you less likely to go the extra mile and to just do the bare minimum?

We try and make sure that hoteliers and restaurant owners are aware that chefs are looking for either an hourly rate or overtime payable after the contracted number of hours is worked. We find that chefs are happy to work the extra hours if required if they are being paid for it, which is fair right? However sometimes this isn’t always the case, we find that sometimes it is still presumed to be ‘the industry’ which is frustrating.

Would you prefer to be remunerated for extra hard work or is it things like an odd weekend off, early finish or a good Christmas party that makes you feel appreciated?

Out and About 14th September

There are 80 relief chefs out working all over Scotland.

We have 17 relief jobs confirmed so far this week with a few more to be confirmed.

We still have a list of jobs needing filled so if you are available please get in touch.

We are still keen to meet Relief chefs and Permanent Chefs here in Moffat, please get in touch to check our availability.

I am getting availability for over the festive period, double time is payable on both Christmas Day and New Years Day get in touch and let me know what you are available for.

Here is a copy of our Expectations

Expectations from relief chefs

1. Must complete required stint

2. Jump into the job whatever the situation.

3. If there is an issue with any job please speak to line manager first then refer to CIS to see if we can resolve.

4. We expect you to be punctual for all relief jobs booked.

5. Clean whites and knives.

6. Accommodation that is provided should be looked after and left as found.

7. Sobriety Do not drink any alcohol during working hours, and please drink responsibly after shift or on time off. We do expect you to be an ambassador for CIS and all your fellow relief chefs.

8. We ask for help and loyalty from all relief chefs

9. Holidays – Ideally holidays will be taken out of season (November, January and February) in season we would suggest take up to a maximum of 4 weeks.

10. Flexibility on area and position.

11. Mobile phones – to be switched off during working hours. You can check when you are on your break.

Expectations to the chef.

1. Clear concise information is given to the chef. How many rooms? Style of menu? Covers? Accommodation – what is it? Pay frequency and on which day? Start date and time? What are the shifts? Will you get meals on duty? We stipulate min 40 hours per week over 5 days or 8 hours per day if 4 days or less.

2. Clean single accommodation is to be provided. What it is? How many people sharing with? Where is the accommodation? Tv wifi?

3. We suggest you have a suppy of P46 and timesheet that we can send over to you.

4. We will give guidance on chefs not paid issues 1. Call the establishment 2. Write to the establishment 3. Contact ACAS Tel: 0300 123 1100

5. For good loyal chefs we will try our best and keep you in work all year round.

6. Happy to undertake getting a Disclosure Scotland.

7. Ideally you will be able to come and meet at our office in Moffat.

Thanks everyone for all your hard work we really do appreciate it 😊 you’re a great bunch

Out and about Friday 7th September

First week of September and it has been a great week for relief chefs being confirmed for jobs, we have 26 jobs confirmed so far this week.

There are still 67 chefs out working all over Scotland.

We have been meeting a few more relief chefs here in Moffat, 3 this week.

If you are looking to chat about relief work or you have been meaning to come for a visit then get in touch for our availability.

There has been some excellent feed back forms passed back to us from hoteliers 😊

Some chefs we’ve booked out mid August

Tom Williams is at the Mustard Seed Restaurant in Inverness

David Jones is at HF Holidays in Dovedale

Chris Roberti is finishing at The Inn at Ardgour in Lochaber

Chris Roberti is also booked to go to Kinlochewe Hotel and Scripture Union Scotland in Aviemore

Mick Kitson was at the Glenisla Hotel near Blairgowrie

Donnie Lamont is at the Isle Ornsay Hotel along with Gary Williamson

Shaun Murray was at Saucy Mary’s in Skye

Graeme Kennedy is at Mackays Hotel in Wick

Gian Devey is booked to go back to The Woll Golf in Selkirk and to go to The Boat Inn in Aboyne

John Pickering is at The Kastille in Turriff

Sarah Pozzi is at The Milton Inn in Monifeith

Angela Richards was at The Buccleuch and Queensberry Hotel in Thornhill

Mark Harvey was at The Chirnside Hall in Berwickshire

Paul Deakin is at The Links Hotel in Montrose

Thanks to you all for all your hard work and continued support


I am currently in the process of moving to a new house and I will be building up my store cupboard and it’s amazing to see how many herbs and spices you accumulate over the years. It made me think about all of the go-to ingredients I have on hand.

I always have good quality risotto rice to whip up a quick risotto on a mid-week night, I recently tried this using brown short grain rice and it is delicious, although it does take a much longer time to cook.

Fennel seeds are one of my favourite spices and I love to add them in to sausage pasta bakes, anything with chorizo and even a fish stew. I really like the aniseed taste which not everyone does but I think it works well with lots of things!

I also always have a good base of spices on hand because I love making curries. When I worked in Dumfriesshire the hotel used to have a curry night once a week and I really learned how to make a good curry from scratch which was brought on by a weekly competition among the chefs to see who could sell the most each week. I usually end up making Thai curry and usually make the paste from scratch and freeze half. Its little things like fish sauce that you would have in your fridge which makes all the difference.

I also love good quality sea salt flakes! Its funny how fussy we can be about particular ingredients!

It can take months to build up a good base of ingredients without it costing a fortune. What is your go-to ingredient that you could not live without?

Out and About Friday 31st August

We have over 70 chefs still out working on relief, this number has kept steady over the last few weeks.

We have 18 relief jobs confirmed with 1 day to go.

I am still looking to meet relief chefs here in Moffat please get in touch to check our availability.

Chefs we have booked out at the beginning of August

Mark Shaw at Tigh and Eilean Hotel

Philippe Alamichel at Ransacked Black Oven

Richard Clark at Dryfesdale Hotel

John Coghill at Isle Ornsay Hotel

John Bridgeford at Ransacked Black Oven

Jonny Lewis at Yan’s Kitchen

Andy Clifford at Cawdor Tavern

Leon Sinclair at Platform 1864

David Young at Cringletie House Hotel

Mark Harvey at Stotfield Hotel

William Wallace at Scalloway hotel

Steve Moffat at Herges on the Loch

Maria Sullivan at Kintail Lodge

Ally Elder at Fortingall Hotel

Sebastian Luszcynski at Nethy Bridge Hotel

Karim Nasri at Ardlui Hotel

Gordon Wright at Ardlui Hotel

Damian Krzepinski to Coul House Hotel

David Maxwell at Dryfesdale Hotel

Patrick Johnstone at Green Hotel

Calum Smith at Cairndale Hotel

Tim Morris at Deeside Inn

Sarah Pozzi at Galleon Grill

Thanks everyone for all of your hard work and continued support