So sad to hear the news of the schoolgirl who died after a severe allergic reaction after holidaying with her family in Spain

While I was working in the kitchen especially my time spent in the pastry section I always tried to be extremely careful with any high allergen foods especially nuts. Its much easier when you know you have someone coming into the restaurant who has an allergy so you can prepare or at least let you know they have an allergy when they arrive. What I always found frustrating is when people don’t let you know about a potentially life-threatening allergy until the plate arrives in front of them.

If I had a serious allergy which I am fortunate enough not to, I would find eating out very difficult to put your life in the hands of another person who is cooking your food.

What procedures do you have in your kitchen if someone comes into the restaurant who has a severe allergy?

On the job training

How important is on the job training within the hospitality industry?

How important is it that you receive on going training through your work? Whether it is in the kitchen, front of house or even here in the office; I feel that on-going training is extremely important to grow as a person and to enhance the skills you already have. The restaurant/ hotel industry is a fast changing environment with new trends and skills being brought out every day. It’s important that your sk...ills and techniques are up to scratch with the demands of today’s industry.

A lot of jobs offer on the job training which is perfect for those who are straight out of education. This allows them to learn from an experienced head chef and allows them to touch up on any skills they may feel they didn’t have the time for when at college.

As well as on the job training, many establishments will send their chefs out on advanced courses, send them for a stage at other establishments to help them gain new skills. I personally think sending chefs to other establishments is an excellent way to gain new skills and to see how other places work on a daily basis. It also allows chefs to solely focus on a skill they have been trying to master, for example some chefs may look into gaining more pastry experience; this allows them to take back the knowledge they have gained and put it into practice at their own work.

Do you feel that on the job training should be encouraged?

Out and about Friday 15th February

The relief work coming in is fairly quiet and when jobs come in we give priority to the chefs who are well known to us and have worked all last season and previous seasons.

If you are looking to register for relief work you must be willing to come to Moffat to have a meeting as we are looking to have met all relief chefs we send out.

We are getting lots of CV’s sent out for permanent and seasonal positions all over Scotland including the Isle of Harris, Isle of Skye, West Coast and beyond. If you are looking to get away from the City for a season then look no further we will have the job for you 😊 just pop over your CV to

Lots of establishments will now be getting there spring menus organised and ready to launch in the few weeks or so.

Don’t forget it is never too early to get a chef organised to cover any holidays that are already planned, we have excellent availability and suggest getting a chef to you on the same day or the next day depending on distance.

Here are a few of the chefs we have out just now

Ryan Williamson is at The Garfield Hotel

Gian Devey is at Martha’s in Glasgow

Mick Kitson is at Glenisla Hotel

Glenn Richards and Ally Brown are both at Macdonald Forest Hills Hotel

Dougie Gilles is at The County Hotel in Stornoway

Mike Scotford is at The Old Manor Hotel

Graham Smith is at Balmacara Hotel

Michal Njoroge and Ally Elder are both at Onich Hotel

Keren Tweedie is at the Nethybridge Hotel

Thanks to all our relief chefs for your hard work and support 😊

Meatless Monday's - The latest social media trend

The latest trend on my social media at the moment is the ‘Meatless Monday’s’ trend. Beyoncé and Jay – Z have promised free tickets to fans that are willing to go Vegan for at least one day of the week. The response has been crazy and social media has blown up over it. Being a big meat eater myself I wonder if I could really stick to a Vegan diet for the sake of Beyoncé tickets but I would certainly give it a go!

The idea has been inspired from Beyoncé’s personal trainer who has released a ’22 day nutrition green print project’ designed to introduce meatless Mondays into your diet or to consume 2 plant based meals per day to qualify. Entries will be submitted and a winner will be chosen on 22nd May 2019.

I can fully understand why there is a growing trend for veganism at the moment and I think the challenge of ‘meatless Monday’s’ is a good idea. It is certainly something I will consider for the sake of 1 day out of 7. It really just shows you the power celebrities have over social media and what some people will do to get something for free.

Would you ever consider a vegan diet if your favourite singer/ band was offering free tickets to their shows?

Out and About Friday 8th February 2019

Still quite quiet on relief just now with some jobs coming in, we still have over 20 chefs out working.

We would like to meet the relief chefs that are registered and that would like to do relief work for the up and coming season ahead. We are available Tuesday to Friday either 11am or 2pm.

Please can all relief chefs who are registered email over your up to date hygiene certificate to

We are happy to get new chefs registered for relief work but the priority will go to the chefs who are known to us and have worked all last season. All you need to do is email your up to date CV and 2 recent contactable work references to the email address above.

We have lots of permanent and seasonal work available you can have a look at all jobs by visiting

We have a few relief chefs booked for the summer season also, it’s never too early to get in touch!

Relief chefs finishing up this week are

Lillian Clarkson has been at the Grantown East Heritage Centre in Grantown on Spey since 21st December and is finishing on Sunday; they have appointed a new head chef.

Stuart MacColl is also finishing on Sunday after completing his 4 weeks stint at The Drovers Inn near Loch Lomond, they have also taken on a couple of new chefs for the season ahead.

Jason Keenan was at the County Hotel in Stornoway where he was for a couple of weeks.

Peter Norrie is still at Baxter’s in Fochabers but he will soon finish as new head chef Kevin Hay starts on Monday.

Taylor McFarlane is finishing on Sunday at The Fife Arms in Braemar he has been there since 21st December.

Yousef Shengheer finished yesterday at the Eglinton Arms; he started back there on the 13th December.

Luke Webber is at the Kitchen Brasserie and has taken on the role of permanent head chef.

Thanks to all our relief chef’s even if you are still awaiting a call we really do appreciate all your hard work.