Out and about 14th June

The availability of relief chefs is tight as you would expect at this time of year, we are suggesting a 50% chance of getting a chef to you within 2 weeks. We are happy to take details of positions if you can provide the chef with clean single accommodation and pay the chef weekly.

We are looking for more chefs to join us for relief work so if you are looking please email your CV to with 2 recent contactable work references and we will get in touch to get you registered in the first instance.

Good hourly rates of pay available and a chance to see Scotland.

We have 20 relief jobs confirmed for the week so far and 85 relief chefs out working all over Scotland and the North of England which is up on last year.

Some of the relief chefs we got out working last week include Csaba Brunner who is new to us this season, he is over at The Clachaig Inn. Patrick Johnstone who has done many jobs for us with excellent feedback is at the Bridge of Cally. Ionel Rizea who is also well known to us is up at Baxters Highland Village in Elgin. Danny Mould, another new chef to us is at The Columba Hotel in Oban. Thomas Scott who has done relief work for us on and off over the years is over at The Pierhouse hotel in Port Appin. Gian Devey is finishing up at Cawdor Tavern in Nairn and Gordon Wright is just starting at The Tontine Hotel in Peebles.

Just a few of the many excellent chefs we have out working.

Thank you as always for your continued hard work and support.

Out and About Friday 31st May

The availability of relief chefs is ok we are suggesting a 40% chance of getting a chef to you within 1 week. We are happy to take details of positions if you can provide the chef with clean single accommodation, pay the chef weekly and are paid up to date with us.

Some of the chefs are not as well known to us and this may be their first job with us. We will give you all the information we have on the chef and the onus is on the establishment as to whether they want to take them on or not.

We have 24 relief jobs confirmed for the week so far and 79 relief chefs out working. This is up by 6 from last year.

If you are a chef and have availability then please email or PM me

Good hourly rates of pay available and a chance to see Scotland 😊

Here are a few chefs we have out just now

Pawel Cimek and Jason Paxton are still at the Fife Arms in Braemar

Blair Mackay, Alex Boland and Sarah Galloway are all at the Duisdale Hotel on the Isle of Skye

Daniel Haig is at Drovers Inn in Loch Lomond

Barry Owen is at Kinloch Lodge on the Isle of Skye

Marion Pohlmann is at Ardvasar Hotel

Ally Brown is at Loch Melfort Hotel

Colin Thomson has been joined by Alan Macpherson at Brothers Water Inn

Bruce Robertson is at Burts Hotel

Scott Mckie has been extended at the Moorings Hotel Fort William

Thanks to all of our chefs who are working hard and continuing to support CIS 😊

Young chef's

It can be a daunting time for young adults this time of the year with exam stress and leaving school. For many young chefs this is the time to go off to college or join an establishment on an apprenticeship programme. I have spoken to quite a few chefs who have never been to college and have just stuck themselves in at the deep end and trained within establishments and learned on the job. Many young chef’s come to me looking for work and they often don’t have any experience working in a kitchen environment. It can be challenging trying to find positions to suit young chefs as many establishments don’t offer training programme’s simply because they either don’t have the time during the season to do so or they don’t have the man power to do it.

Many establishments do offer young chef's who are in the middle of a college course/ degree to work in their establishment over the summer before returning in September. This can be a fantastic way for the chef's to gain more experience and take their new skills back to college with them, it also helps them to build a CV whilst at college.

What advice would you give to a young chef looking to start their career in the industry? Would you recommend college or go straight into an apprenticeship within an establishment?


A HIT training survey of 16-20 year olds found that 2/3 of them were considering taking on an apprenticeship. It is great to see the apprenticeships coming back because for a long time they were a valued way of getting into a specific industry. Over half of the respondents of the survey said that they wouldn’t be considering a career in hospitality which is such a shame to hear.

A lot of people who organised the survey agreed that it all starts at the beginning to keep a new employee engaged which includes making sure they have an induction so that they feel included right from the word go. I have been to some establishments when your arrival is so expected, and you really feel a part of the team. I have also been starting jobs at other establishments when they don’t even know you are arriving which doesn’t make you feel particularly included or wanted even!

So what can we do to get more young people involved and bring them into the industry?

Out and About Friday 24th May

We have 25 relief job booked out so far for this week, 78 relief chefs out in total.

If you would like more information on relief and how it works please email your CV to or call 01683 222830.

Relief gives you the chance to see Scotland/North England, get paid by the hour, learn in different kitchens and be able to be more flexible.

We have lots of positions available just now all over, if you want more details just get in touch.

We also have lots of permanent and seasonal jobs available if you are looking for a change you can email your CV to or visit our website and apply for positions directly to get automatic emails of new jobs please register with CIS for Chefs

Here are a few chefs we have out at the moment

Sarah Pozzi is over in Mull and the Tobermory Hotel/Galleon Restaurant

Sebastian Luszczynski and Allan Baird are at The County Hotel in Stornoway

Eimantas Radzeicis is new to relief and is up at the Tongue Hotel

Paddy Welsh and Paul Sellers are both at the Dryfesdale Hotel in Lockerbie

Another new relief chef Kaspars Lapins is at the Ceilidh Place

And another new chef Marcin Rozwadowski is at Ballathie House Hotel House

Thanks to all our relief chefs for your continuous work and support 😊