Interview process

When we are dealing with recruitment for permanent positions we arrange any interviews or trials between the chef and the establishment. We stipulate that any more than half a day’s trial should be paid for but it is at the discretion of the prospective employer. If the chef is looking to relocate I always advise that an interview and trial should take place at the same time to speed up the process and refrain from inviting the chef back in for a trial.

In the 3 years that I have been working here I have arranged a lot of interviews and trials and sometimes the establishments are very specific in what they would like the chef to trial on. Rather than just a trial day in the kitchen it can be a cook off with a mystery box of ingredients or a skills test. I have in the past for more senior roles had establishments ask that the chef prepares a 3 course menu which wouldn’t look out of place on their menu. This is generally reimbursed by the establishment or they can cook using ingredients they already have.

We try to avoid doing phone or Skype interviews where possible as we find them sometimes to be unsuccessful but on occasion if the distance warrants it for example Thurso to the South of England then we will arrange.

What is your experience of the interview process? Do you think a trial period is necessary and what should it entail?

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