Caroline Flack

It was very sad to hear over the weekend that Caroline Flack had taken her own life. There has been a lot in the media recently about her personal life regarding an upcoming domestic violence trial involving her boyfriend. She had received countless abuse from both social media and through the press. A petition is doing the rounds through social media as we speak to bring in ‘Carolines Law’. A law that will ban the press and online trolling from posting inaccurate or false accusations about people and to stop cyber bullying. Many of the newspapers and magazines were all paying tribute to her over the weekend, yet only a few weeks ago they had her pending court case plastered over the front pages.

This is the third Love Island star to claim their own life due to severe pressure from the media. Saturday nights show was cancelled due to Caroline’s death, but I personally feel the whole show should be cancelled all together. There are masses of pressure on everyone to look a certain way, act a certain way etc according to what we see daily on social media. Women especially feel the pressure to look like those we see in magazines, newspapers and tv shows.

It is times like these you can truly appreciate not being in the public eye. Everything you do constantly criticised for the world to see. It must be really hard for celebrities to cope with the media and you would need to have a thick skin to cope, but it shouldn’t be that way. Mental health is very important to everyone and we shouldn’t ignore it. We should all know that it is okay to not be okay and end the stigma around mental health. Hopefully there is some good that can come from Caroline's passing, that those who are struggling can finally speak up and get the help they need. A smile can hide so much and we should all be kinder on social media and to those we meet on a daily basis. #carolineslaw #boycottthemedia #benice

Out and About Friday 14th February

We are having a good week in the CIS office, with 7 permanent, 9 relief and 18 adverts so far.

We have 26 relief chefs out so far, this is slightly down on last year.

The weather has been dreadful with storm Ciara and then storm Dennis approaching. We hope everyone has stayed safe on the roads.

We are keen to meet chefs here in Moffat for future work relief or permanent. Please get in touch to check our availability.

We have now got a couple of managerial front of house positions on our list for permanent also if you are looking for front of house work.

We have an offer on for adverts until the end of February with £25 + vat off any advert placed.

Policy on taking on new relief chefs – we are happy to get new chefs registered but the priority of work goes to the chefs who have worked all season and previous seasons. Relief work picks up from mid-March 2020. Please just email your up to date CV reference details and hygiene certificate to

Here are a few chefs we have out just now

Dylan Hughes is going to Eden Court Theatre in Inverness for 1 week before starting his new job

Mike Pallister is at Archview Lodge Care Home

Peter Norrie is back covering holidays at The Kastille in Turriff

Ally Elder is at Portavadie in Loch Fyne

Chris Mcsevney is at The Spiritualist in Glasgow

Sarah Pozzi is at The Craig Manor Hotel in Windermere

Chris Wright is at The Old Manse of Blair in Perthshire

James Pratt is at The Cabarfeidh Hotel in Stornoway

Thanks all for your patience and hard work, we really appreciate it 😊

Monday 10th February

Monday 10th February

A rather wet Monday here in Moffat with torrential rain over the weekend. We are expected snow this week and across other parts of the region. A nice busy start to the week in the office with 1 relief confirmed, 4 permanent and 3 adverts. We are hoping for a busy week here in the CIS office. Lots of new jobs getting registered every week and CV’s coming in daily.

I was reading an article this morning about the rise in the minimum wage that will become effective as of April. The national minimum wage will rise to £8.72 per hour for those over 25 and up to £8.20 for those 21 and over. We are very lucky to have the higher minimum wage here in the UK I comparison to other countries. When I was over in America, waiting staff solely rely on tips to make up their daily rate and if the service isn’t good then they don’t make the extra money. The minimum wage in America accumulates to around £5.60 per hour ($7.25 per hour) which is what I was making when I was around 16.

Out and About Friday 7th February 2020

We currently have 23 relief chefs out working all over Scotland as far as Shetland.

Relief has picked up slightly this week with 10 out so far.

We have had 20 adverts placed this week and 130 jobs on the website in total.

We are looking to meet new chefs here in Moffat if you would like to come and discuss permanent or relief please get in touch to check our availability, we meet most day either 11am or 2pm.

Here are a few chefs we have booked in

Brian Ferguson is back for a few day at Scores Hotel

Daniel Haig is back over at Stonefield Castle Hotel

Michael George is helping at The Glenburn for their Gin Festival

Stephen Mcculloch is up in the Isle of Lewis at Borve Hotel

Stuart Maccoll is at Lomond Hills Hotel

Norbert Waniek is at Portavadie

Thanks all so much for your hard work and support 😊

New York

I am just back from celebrating my 21st birthday in New York with my boyfriend Jordan. We spent 5 nights over in New York, we flew with Virgin on a Delta flight and stayed at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel. The flight was comfortable with a complimentary bar and nice food which was a surprise as plane food isn’t always the nicest. I had creamy gnocchi and a salted caramel pudding, all meals and drinks were included in our flight. We landed at JFK after a 7-hour flight and we were in border control for around 2 hours before departing for the city.

Our first night consisted of a walk around times square and a pizza before settling in for an early night. We woke up on the Saturday which was my birthday and we headed for the 9/11 museum, a rather wet and windy day so we didn’t stay for long. We decided to go to Madame Tussauds as the weather was getting progressively worse. We really enjoyed it and we spent just over an hour in there before heading to Bubba Gumps, the famous restaurant chain featuring memorabilia from Forrest Gump, for some lunch where I was surprised by the whole restaurant singing Happy Birthday and a small cake. We headed back to the hotel before going to Keen’s Steakhouse for my birthday meal. Two fillet steaks, dessert and a few drinks later we left with full belly’s and a rather light pocket.

We spent the next few days sightseeing and attended a basketball game on the Sunday night. It was an amazing trip and a once in a lifetime opportunity! We would definitely go back but maybe in a good few years when hopefully there are some new sights to see too. Potentially at Christmas time because I’ve heard its magical.

A few highlights of the trip were the New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets basketball game, where there was a lovely tribute to Kobe Bryant who sadly passed away that day and also visiting the Empire State Building. We got to try a corndog too which was surprisingly amazing, we enjoyed this as we walked through Central Park seeing some of the famous sights. One being the Lennon ‘Imagine’ memorial, just outside his apartment where he was shot.

I would recommend everyone visiting the city, we visited in the quietest month of the year and it was very busy for us so unsure about summertime! We booked through Barrhead Travel and they were brilliant, everything was so organised. Both Virgin and Delta flights were comfortable and our hotel was very central, straight across from Madison Square Garden, and the hotel was clean and comfortable and perfect for the 5 nights we were there. If you also book through Barrhead they ensure you don’t pay resort fees as you can get hit with around 50 dollar/ night fees if you book through yourself. Just a tip as they don’t tell you this until you arrive!

All in all, it was a fantastic trip! Another place ticked off the bucket list. Next stop, Australia…