Out and about Friday 25th November

We currently have 64 relief chefs out working.

The availability of relief chefs is very good, the jobs coming in are slowing down and this is expected for the time of year.

We have been getting some bookings for over the festive period, if you are available to work please get in touch.

We are keen to meet chefs here in Moffat and we are available Tuesday to Friday just get in touch to check our availability.

We have been getting lots of CV’s sent out this week.

Jade will be back to work on Monday after having a lovely week off in the sun.

Here are some of the chefs we have out at the moment

David Carroll is at The Craig Manor Hotel in Windermere

Tomi Burns was at The Gathering Place Bistro in Braemar

Shaun Murray is just starting at Thainstone Events in Inverurie

Brian Ferguson is back at Inverlochy Castle

Craig Morris is at The Golf View Hotel in Nairn

Alan Roberts is at Leapark Hotel

Stuart Sullivan and Gian Devey are both at The Scores Hotel in St Andrews

Stephen Mcculloch is in Shetland at the Brae Hotel

Marc Wohner was at Auchen Castle

Richard Gunn, Jo Fenner and Andy Westwood are all at The Kings House Hotel in Glencoe

Alan Macpherson is at the Golf View Hotel in Nairn

To all of our relief chefs thanks for all your hard work and continued support 😊

What makes a job attractive?

Here are some things that might help to attract applicants:

  • Can you pay an hourly rate of pay?
  • Can you pay weekly even if the payslip is monthly?
  • What is the accommodation and is there any charge? Is there wi-fi available?
  • What makes the job attractive/what is there to do during time off?
  • What are the shifts and how many hours are they expected to work per week, any evenings off?
  • Are there tips given to the chef?
  • Are meals provided on duty?
  • is there a staff uniform provided or is the chef expected to provide their own?
  • Is there a bonus scheme in place?
  • Discounts at other hotels?
  • Is any time off allowed during busy periods like festive period and summer season?
  • Can you pay overtime?

Bonus suggestions for head chefs

  • wages ratio
  • compliancy on health and safety
  • gross profit margin

Opening Stock plus purchases - closing stock = cost of goods sold

to work out Gross Profit %

(Sales - Cost of goods Sold) divided by Sales = then multiply by 100 to get the Gross Profit %


(100 - 30) = 70 divided by 100 = .7 x 100 = 70%

Out and About Friday 18th October 2019

We have 78 relief chefs out working this week, the jobs coming in are steady.

Relief work will start to tail off as we get closer to the end October.

We are happy to get chefs registered but this will be for 2020 season which will begin in March.

We are going to be meeting a lot of chefs now the winter is here. If we have not met and you would like to come to Moffat for a chat about relief or permanent work we are available Tuesday to Friday 11am or 2pm.

Jade is on annual leave so Jessica and myself will be picking up junior recruitment, answering her emails and Facebook messages.

Chefs we have out working just now:

Rosie Robertson is filling in at The Fife Arms Turriff

Lee Donaghy is at The Bridge Hotel in Buttermere

Craig Morris is at The Old Manor Hotel in Lundin Links

Ryan Williamson is at The Inveraray Inn

Steve Lyall is at Killiecrankie Hotel in Perthshire

Sean Macgregor is at the Inch Hotel in Fort Augustus

Cheryl Radwell is at Kirkcudbright Bay Hotel

Leon Edgson is at Braeval Hotel in Nairn while helping at Rocpool Reserve 2 days per week

Richard Clark and Ben Mailer are both at The Rav in St Andrews.

Thanks to ALL our relief chefs for all your hard work and support

Thursday 17th October

Thursday 17th October

As we approach the end of our third week in October and with Halloween and Christmas in sight, the work in the CIS office continues to come in. This week I have been starting to learn more about property within the CIS company. We have many properties throughout Dumfries and Galloway as well as the apartment in Spain. It is sometimes nice to take a break from Chef recruitment and focus myself on something else for a change.

Permanent jobs are still being registered and the CV’s are still coming in. There appears to be more chefs looking again as a lot of the seasonal jobs have now finished for the winter. However, with the Brexit deal hanging in the balance, many chefs who have come from abroad are now unsure of where their future stands here in the UK. We will soon see come the 31stof this month…

I will be on holiday for a week as of the end of today and will be back in the office on Monday the 28th. Jessica and Johanna will be picking up my emails and Facebook messages and will continue with the junior chef recruitment on my behalf.

Out and about Friday 11th October

We have 68 relief chefs out working all over Scotland.

Relief has been steady this week, the availability for immediate relief is still quite tight and availability from the 25th October is better.

I have counted all the chefs we have had registered this year and the total was 248.

If all relief chefs can PM, call 01683 222830 or email with your availability over the festive period please. Christmas Day and New Years day is double time.

Jessica and Jade have been getting lots of CV’s sent out, interview and trials confirmed.

Here are some of the chefs we have out at the moment……………………….

Leon Edgson is work in 2 places he is helping 2 days per week at Rocpool Reserve and full time at Braeval Hotel.

Glenn Richards is at Platform 1864 in Tain.

Bobby Ainsworth braved the ferry up to Shetland and is at The Sumburgh Hotel.

James Avery is at Inverlochy Castle Hotel until the end of the month.

Lee Pattie is helping out at Eden Court Theatre.

Chris Rush is at Grantown on East.

Salvi Batalla is in Skye at The Duisdale Hotel.

Jo Fenner is at Auchen Castle near Moffat.

James Buckley is at Scotland’s Hotel in Pitlochry.

Alan Roberts is at The Glenburn Hotel in Rothesay.

Roddy Mackinnon is at Cawdor Tavern in Cawdor.

We appreciate all your hard work and support 😊