The history of Moffat

Fancy learning some interesting facts on Moffat?

  1. Moffat is famous for having the waterfall ‘The Grey Mairs Tail’ which is the fifth highest waterfall in the Uk. With Loch Skene at the top it is a popular tourist attraction for many groups of walkers and is a lovely picnic spot if us locals fancy getting out of the town on a summers day.
  2. Moffat has the worlds narrowest hotel, The Famous Star Hotel which was previously mentioned in the Guinnes Book Of Records. The hotel is only 20ft wide and 162ft long. Featuring a bar downstairs and 2 eating areas it is a nice stopping point for a bar meal. They are also dog friendly!
  3. The Moffat Ram is a famous tourist attraction and represents the towns connection to the sheep trade. The sheep was unfortunately sculpted with no ears, something that William Brodie never knew about until it was unveiled. He later committed suicide after the burden of this was too much.
  4. Moffat is also famous for its annual Classic Car Rally which takes place at the Moffat Showground. Showcasing vintage cars, it can have up to 900 entries over the two days. It is now into its 21st year and is still as popular as ever.
  5. Let’s not forget about the famous Devils Beef Tub which sits below the Edinburgh Road. The tub is formed by four hills; Great Hill, Peat Knowe, Annanhead Hill and Ericstane Hill. It was used to hide stolen cattle as there was only one way in and out. This can be seen from the Edinburgh Road and is a popular attraction for walkers.
  6. Moffat Toffee Shop is a family run business originally ‘Mrs Blacklocks’ which opened its doors 125 years ago. Moffat Toffee is a definite must when visiting Moffat and you especially need to try their home-made toffee, which is sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. A favourite with the kids!
  7. September also marks the anniversary of Battle of Britain. Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding was one of those responsible for helping to win the battle. He was born here in Moffat and every year there is a service down at Station Park to commemorate his death and the Victory of the Battle.
  8. Up until the year 2018, Moffat held an annual sheep race which was proven to be a popular day out for the family. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues it was cancelled. A similar event was held this year, only participants dressed up as sheep raced rather than sheep themselves.
  9. The Moffat Mill, part of the Edinburgh Woolen mill branch, is a popular destination for bus tours and groups to stop off. With tartan, whiskey and highland dress inside its very popular to do some Christmas shopping.
  10. The Town Hall, now a popular wedding and party venue, was once the towns bath halls. The water was piped down from the famous Moffat Wells which was said to contain ‘healing properties.
  11. And finally, the famous Moffat Chippy. Formerly known at ‘Toosh’s chippy’ which was a family run chippy. Bettina Dawson was the owner and she was always found behind the fryers. The 90-year-old, who was the oldest fryer in the world was awarded the B.E.M medal but unfortunately passed away before getting the chance to meet the Queen at Buckingham palace in the July.

1 year at Chefs In Scotland

It’s hard to believe that I have been with Chefs In Scotland for a year now. It has gone by like a flash. Looking back on my first day in the office I often laugh at how nervous I was because it feels now as if I have always been here. From starting off with doing general references and calling chefs to where I am now is crazy. I found it easy to settle into the office as Johanna and Jessica made me feel very welcome and have supported me daily since then. I continue to have meetings with Michael every so often and it’s good to catch up and talk about how I am doing in the office and to talk of ways in which I can better myself and thrive.

After a full year in the office I feel like I have achieved a lot. The thought of trying to place a chef was very daunting when I first started but now it feels like second nature. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always as smooth and plain sailing as I sometimes wish it would be but its all part and parcel of the job which is why enjoy it. You never know what you’re going to come in to daily which is why I love it, something new and challenging every day!

Over the last year I have managed to build relationships with many establishments and help when they are in need of a chef. It is such a rewarding feeling when you manage to help an establishment get a chef, it feels like a sense of relief knowing they are all sorted.

It has been a huge change in my life starting at Chefs In Scotland. I started working in a hotel for 5/6 years as a waitress to then working in retail for a year. I felt that after a year in college I had come to a standstill career wise and needed something to change it up a bit. I had spent a full year in college and decided that after qualifying in my course it wasn’t the right career choice for me. I noticed the job opportunity for Chefs In Scotland advertised on Facebook and sent my Cv across straight away. I was then invited for a 3-hour trial one afternoon and was given the task of doing some invoices and references. I must say, a year on and invoices are still my favourite. I then started on the 1st August 2018 after a family weekend spent in Blackpool. During my first week I was eased in and started to send some Cv’s out, but it wasn’t until the 13th September that I managed to successfully place a young chef at a high end hotel situated in the Lake District. It was a great feeling and felt like a huge achievement after only being with the company for just over a month.

Now here I am a year on, and I can happily say that I have finally found the career path in which I wish to continue in. Here’s to the next year…


Out and about Friday 12th July

Relief remains tight as expected for the time of year, we have 82 relief chefs out working, we are still managing to get relief chefs booked with 24 so for this week.

If you are looking to register then please email your CV’s, reference details and hygiene certificates to
If you are a chef that is known to CIS then please just PM me or call 01683 222830 with your availability
When starting a new relief job please can you ensure that you fill out a starter form and please include a next of kin.

Here are some chefs we have out working

Blair Mackay and Thomas Scott are at Cabarfeidh Hotel
Stuart Urquhart is at Classroom Bistro along with Vytis Baltrunas
Mae Mclean is working at The Kingsmills Hotel
Don Craig is at the Kinlochewe Hotel
Gian Devey is at the Pierhouse Hotel
Jason Kennan is at the Cally Palace (this is where Jason started his career as a chef)
Roger Brown is in Oban at the Columba Hotel
Lukas Wojcik is at The Playfairs Restaurant in St Andrews
Tomi Burns was helping out a couple of days at the Comrie Hotel
Julian Robinson is at The Mackays Hotel
Sean Parkes is at the Killiecrankie Hotel
Geoffrey Mshila is at the Golf View Hotel
Stephen Mckinley is at The Inn on the Tay
Thanks to all of our relief chefs for your hard work and support 😊

Out and About Friday 24th May

We have 25 relief job booked out so far for this week, 78 relief chefs out in total.

If you would like more information on relief and how it works please email your CV to or call 01683 222830.

Relief gives you the chance to see Scotland/North England, get paid by the hour, learn in different kitchens and be able to be more flexible.

We have lots of positions available just now all over, if you want more details just get in touch.

We also have lots of permanent and seasonal jobs available if you are looking for a change you can email your CV to or visit our website and apply for positions directly to get automatic emails of new jobs please register with CIS for Chefs

Here are a few chefs we have out at the moment

Sarah Pozzi is over in Mull and the Tobermory Hotel/Galleon Restaurant

Sebastian Luszczynski and Allan Baird are at The County Hotel in Stornoway

Eimantas Radzeicis is new to relief and is up at the Tongue Hotel

Paddy Welsh and Paul Sellers are both at the Dryfesdale Hotel in Lockerbie

Another new relief chef Kaspars Lapins is at the Ceilidh Place

And another new chef Marcin Rozwadowski is at Ballathie House Hotel House

Thanks to all our relief chefs for your continuous work and support 😊

Goals for May 2019

It’s hard to believe that we are already at the start of May. It feels as if January was only yesterday. As we get further into the season, we are being kept on our toes with both permanent and relief jobs being registered daily. We are securing chefs with new jobs for the season every week and we are getting new chefs being registered with us too for both permanent, seasonal and relief work.

As we start the new month, we all have new targets to aim for, this gives us goals to work towards. I enjoy having monthly targets as it keeps me motivated to meet them, depending on how the month goes they can’t always be met. I suppose it is part and parcel with the job. I enjoy having goals both in work an outside of work, I enjoy the gym and set myself monthly goals which I always want to meet. I think having goals is an important aspect of working and social life, it gives you something to aim for and keep you motivated.

With the first day of the month drawing in, have you set yourself any personal goals for this month? Either in work or in a personal hobby of yours?