Spouse Visa in the UK 9th April 2021

Spouse Visa in the UK

A very basic outline


If you are married or in a long term civil relationship to a Uk citizen, you should be able to apply for a Spouse Visa.


This can take between 3 to 6 months to be granted as long as certain criteria are met.


The process can be speeded up by paying an extra amount and may be doable within 3 weeks.


The costs are quite high and will usually be in excess of £1000 but not more than £3000.


Applications are made to the Uk government through or google spouse visa uk


You must have a good knowledge of English and have either a specific amount of funds (c £62,000) or have a job offer in excess of a figure in the region of £20,000 per annum.

non UK workers post Brexit

Working in Scottish hospitality industry post Brexit and coming from outwith the UK

Employers need a license to sponsor applicants on a Tier 2 or General work visa which is main UK visa route for skilled workers
9 November 2020, Home Secretary Priti Patel announced that the Government’s new points-based immigration bill had passed through Parliament.
"The so-called ‘Australian-style’ immigration system is designed to favour workers who are judged to be ‘high-skilled’, and end ‘low-skilled’ migration from the EU once the UK leaves the bloc at the end of the year.
Those wishing to come and work in the UK from the EU under the new system would have to secure a job with a minimum salary threshold of £25,600.
Employees earning less than £25,600, but more than £20,480, would still be able to apply for a visa if it was to work in a 'specific shortage occupation' role; while anyone earning less than £20,480 would not be able to take a job in the country.
Government visa sponsor scheme
UK employers wishing to hire skilled migrants must be registered on the Government visa sponsor scheme.
Since 1st January 2021 all overseas workers will require a visa.
Since 1st January 2021 businesses must pay an Immigration Skill Charge (ISC) of £1,000 per year for each skilled overseas worker they employ. "
If anyone finds any of this information wrong or has better pointers, please I would be delighted to know

Out and About 11th December 2020

We still have 5 chefs out working on relief.

This includes Dave Mcconnachie at Seafield Arms in Cullen, George McCallum at Clachan Grill in Ballater, Robert Mckillop at Deans of Huntly, Leon Edgson at Ness Walk in Inverness and Gordon Smillie at Shieldaig Lodge in Ross-Shire.

We have been selling lots of beer from the shop in Moffat, and Michael delivering locally also.

We still have copies of Chopped Parsely if anyone would like a copy sent to them its £7.00 inc PP to anywhere in the UK.

We are hoping for a few relief jobs to come in next week for over Christmas and New Year 🤞

Thanks to you all for your continued support we really do appreciate it :)

Take care and stay safe :) x

Out and About Friday 20th November

There are currently 6 relief chefs out working.

We have had 2 relief jobs confirmed this week and an advert place and more enquires for placing adverts next week.

We have had good sales for beer from the shop / office.

Office hours next week will be 9.30am to 4.30pm – selling beer from 11am.

Chefs out working are

Mark Shaw at Crofthead Care Home

Dave Mcconnachie at Seafield Arms in Cullen

Robert Mckillop has been extended to the end of the year at Deans of Huntly

Gordon Smillie is at Shieldaig Lodge, he has also been extended

Jason Paxton is at Friars Carse near Dumfries

Craig Wood is at The Isles Inn in Portree

Thank you to ALL our chefs for you hard work, support and patience 😊

Stay Safe

Out and About 13th November

We have got 5 chefs still out working. We had 1 relief job confirmed for the week.

We are also selling Michael’s book Chopped Parsely….. anyone that would like a copy please drop us a message it is £7.00 posted to anywhere the UK.

We also have cases of beer from Lowland Brewing 12 x 500ml bottles (Dryfe Blonde, Twa Dugs, Rabbies Drouth and Beerdie Beatnik Stout) £24.00 and can be delivered locally at no charge. We can also courier to anywhere in the UK the charge will be added to the cost of the case.

We also have nice gift boxes that hold 3 x 500ml bottles and either a pint or ½ pint glass £12 - these are available for delivery in Lockerbie or Moffat and in between.

We now have an occasional license for 15 Well Street, Moffat so feel free to pop in and purchase.

Anyone buying a case of 12 bottles or 2 x gift boxes up until 31st December 2020 will be entered in to our competition for 1 week’s free accommodation at our apartment in Nerja anytime in 2021 (depending on availability).

To place an order you can PM me, email []( or call 01683 222830.

Here are the chefs we have out working and still charging for

Robert Mckillop is at Deans of Huntly

Gordon Smillie is at The Shieldaig Lodge in Ross-shire

Ed Stankaitis is at The Scores Hotel in St Andrews

Jason Paxton is at Friars Carse Hotel in Dumfriesshire

Craig Wood is at The Isle Inn in Portree

Thanks to you ALL for your hard work and support

Stay Safe 😊 x