Bullying in the kitchen

This week the news broke that there had been a serious incident that took place at Calcot Manor, a high-end hotel in the Cotswolds. A young chef aged 22 had boiling hot butter poured down his trousers resulting in a chef being sacked. Nathan Williams had severe burns and revealed that this was one of many bullying incidents including eating raw meat, being punched and other burns.

It was horrifying to read the way this chef has been treated and very brave of him to bring it to light. Bullying is terrible and no one should have to suffer this daily in their place of work. It is well known throughout the industry that it can be common to play pranks and games on novices but where do you draw the line?

I think gone are the days where it is acceptable for senior chefs to shout, swear and throw pots and pans around the kitchen, no one learns that way, no one learns through fear. I do hope that the young chef involved does go on in the industry and this doesn’t put him off from his chef career. Equally I hope that young chefs reading this story don’t also get put off from this already hard industry which is lacking in young talent. It is quite important I think to distinguish the difference between a joke and bullying and make sure these two things don’t amalgamate. Its also important to make sure that this doesn’t become the norm.

Have you ever felt that you have been on the receiving end of bullying and if you have been how did you deal with it?

Out and about Friday 19th July

The availability of relief chefs is very tight, we currently have 87 chefs out working with 22 jobs confirmed for the week so far.

If you have any availability please get in touch.

We have lots of permanent and seasonal jobs to choose from also please visit

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Here are a few chefs we have out working at the moment

Rosie Robertson is at the Kincraig Castle in Invergordon

Jason Keenan is at Cally Palace in Gatehouse of Fleet

Virginijus Tiskus is at Burts Hotel in Melrose

John Cameron is at Kitchen Brasserie in Inverness

Mike Russell is at The Scores Hotel in St Andrews

Geoffrey Mshila is at The Golf View Hotel in Nairn

Chris Lewis has just finished at Ardanasieg Hotel

Chris Wright is at The Glengarry Castle Hotel

Kevin Pettigrew is at The Black Bull Hotel in Moffat

Stuart Maccoll is at Habitat Café in Aberfeldy

John Taylor is at Killiecrankie Hotel

Colin Thomson is at The Dryfesdale Hotel in Lockerbie

Chris Rush is at The Cabarfeidh Hotel in Stornoway

Lillian Clarkson is at The Links Hotel in Montrose

Andrew Engledow is at The Steam Packet Inn

Thanks to all our relief chefs for your hard work and support 😊

Out and About Thursday 4th July

We have 78 relief chefs currently out working all over Scotland and North England.

The availability of relief chefs available is very tight, but this is expected for the time of year.

If you are looking to register please email your CV, reference details and up to date Hygiene Certificates to

If you are already registered, please PM me with your next available date.

Here are a few chefs we have out just now

Stuart MacColl is at Eddrachillies House Hotel in Badcall Bay

Chris Roberti is working between Auchen Castle and Dryfesale Hotel

Stephen Flindall is at Tigh an Eilean Hotel

Graham Smith is at Balmacara Hotel

Chris Robertson is at Thainstone Events

Chris Wright also at the Dryfesdale Hotel

Tim Morris is back at Srpingkell

Stephen Hitchings is at Glencoe Inn

Neil Ives is staying until the end of Season at The Anchorage in Leverburgh

Taylor Mcfarlane is extending his stint at Inn on the Tay

Sara-Jayne Moffat is at The Oyster Inn

Gordon Wright is at The Tonie Hotel

Michael George is at The Buccleuch and Queensberry Hotel

Paul Whitecross is back at the Garth Hotel

Jenny Quashie is at Glengarry Castle

Thanks to all of our relief chefs for all your hard work and continued support 😊

Out and About Friday 31st May

The availability of relief chefs is ok we are suggesting a 40% chance of getting a chef to you within 1 week. We are happy to take details of positions if you can provide the chef with clean single accommodation, pay the chef weekly and are paid up to date with us.

Some of the chefs are not as well known to us and this may be their first job with us. We will give you all the information we have on the chef and the onus is on the establishment as to whether they want to take them on or not.

We have 24 relief jobs confirmed for the week so far and 79 relief chefs out working. This is up by 6 from last year.

If you are a chef and have availability then please email or PM me

Good hourly rates of pay available and a chance to see Scotland 😊

Here are a few chefs we have out just now

Pawel Cimek and Jason Paxton are still at the Fife Arms in Braemar

Blair Mackay, Alex Boland and Sarah Galloway are all at the Duisdale Hotel on the Isle of Skye

Daniel Haig is at Drovers Inn in Loch Lomond

Barry Owen is at Kinloch Lodge on the Isle of Skye

Marion Pohlmann is at Ardvasar Hotel

Ally Brown is at Loch Melfort Hotel

Colin Thomson has been joined by Alan Macpherson at Brothers Water Inn

Bruce Robertson is at Burts Hotel

Scott Mckie has been extended at the Moorings Hotel Fort William

Thanks to all of our chefs who are working hard and continuing to support CIS 😊

Out and about Friday 17th May

We have the most chefs out so far this week with 80 this is up by 13 on last year.

We currently have 29 relief chefs confirmed for the week so far.

If you have any availability please get in touch, we have lots of relief jobs needing filled.

There will be the usual list to follow.

To get registered for relief work please email your CV to along with contactable work references and your hygiene certificate.

Here are 10 chefs we have out working

Jordan Clements is new to CIS and have ventured up to Thurso for his 1st job out to Pentland View Care Home

Scott Macintyre is in his home town at the Ballachulish Hotel

Colin Thomson is back on the circuit after being at Crosskeys Hotel for nearly 2 years he is working at Brotherswater Inn in Cumbria.

Jenny Quashie is up near Dundee at Glenclove Hotel

Sarah Galloway is at The Duisdale Hotel on Isle of Skye

New relief chef Csaba Brunner is working at Penton Bridge in Cumbria

Tony Vinter is at The Cabarfeidh Hotel

Kai Stutzkeitz is still over on Isle of Harris at the Harris Hotel

Frank Davie is at Fishers Hotel in Pitlochry and has been extended

Leon Edgson is at Carrbridge Kitchen

Thanks to ALL our relief chefs you are all great and we appreciate your hard work and continued support 😊