Sous Chef, (Junior) Dundonald Links - Troon, Ayrshire and Arran

Posted on May 29, 2024 | Start date June 1, 2024

Salary:£28,000 per annum paid monthly
Hours:40 hours per week
Days:5 days from 7
Holidays:The holiday starts at 29 days per year for 5 day working, this rises to 33 over the first 5 years (contractual) There is also an additional day for service in the year ie if you are employed 1st Feb to 31st July, you then get an additional day, and if you are employed 1st August to 31st January you then get a further day (current additional benefit offered) there is also an opportunity to cash in a holiday at 3 points within the year
Food type:Gastro / fine dining. To include breakfast, lunch and dinner - to 150 covers
Full-time chefs:
Accommodation:Live out
Job description:

Junior Sous Chef - Dundonald Links Troon, Ayrshire

As part of a team, to assist in the smooth management and operation of the
kitchen and food service
Main tasks:
1. Maintain all areas under your control, keeping them at all times appropriately
stocked and operational.
2. Maintain the cleanliness and presentation of all areas of the workplace and
equipment within your scope of responsibility, to the highest standards
3. The recording, reporting and dealing with any repairs, faults or breakages of
4. Provide prompt preparation and food service delivery.
5. Assist in the preparation, implementation and presentation of menus.
6. Monitor all stock with regard to sell by dates and rotated accordingly.
7. Comply with all Food and Hygiene Regulations
8. Assist in the ordering of equipment and stock. Stock checks as and when
9. Check deliveries
10. Assist in budget preparation and administration of the same.
11. Ensure that there is an adequate supply at all times of crockery, utensils,
restaurant and kitchenware equipment
12. Ensure that all published menus and specials boards have the correct selling
prices and are charged and received to produce the required budgetary stock
13. Record and facilitate restaurant and other bookings when required
14. Ensure all food and beverage orders are taken and delivered to standard
operating procedures
15. Undergo/deliver training as required
16. Deal with all customer enquiries or complaints to company standards and
report to your Manager
17. Always to behave in a polite and courteous manner so as to be an
ambassador for the company
18. Personal appearance at all times to be in accordance with company
19. To have an understanding and awareness of all products and facilities offered
by the company
20. To be aware of and apply the provisions of the employee handbook
21. Understand and comply with health and safety requirements applicable to
your role
22. Comply promptly with personnel and payroll procedures
Key Results/Responsibilities
1. Ensuring the smooth running of the club’s operations to the required standard
2. To ensure observance of all statutory regulations and requirements
3. Identify opportunities to improve the standards of both service and
presentation of the park
4. To ensure the highest possible standard of customer care
5. Observe and comply with standards operating procedures
6. Not to bring the company into disrepute
7. To be dressed and presented appropriately to your role at all times
8. To deal effectively with customer enquiries as to products and services
9. To act at all times in accordance with company procedures and standards
10. To carry out your duties in a manner that ensures the safest environment for
colleagues and guests alike
11. To assist the personnel and payroll departments by the provision of full, timely
and accurate information and records
12. To ensure the appropriate training and development of individuals and teams
13. Ensure attendance and punctuality
The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform
different tasks as necessitated by your changing role within the organisation and the
overall business objectives of the organisation.

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