Chefs In Scotland offers the following three services:

  1. Advertising
  2. Relief chefs
  3. Permanent placements

1) Advertising

You can advertise your chef vacancy or vacancies on our website and candidates will apply to you directly. The advert will remain on our website for 28 days. There is no other fee if you employ a chef who has contacted you directly via our website.

The cost of this is as follows:

2) Relief Chefs

We can try to organise relief chefs at short notice. You pay the relief chef an arranged hourly rate for a minimum of forty hours per week. You also provide clean single accommodation. Travelling expenses must be paid once in and out subject to the completion of the work stint, public transport at cost price, by car is 30p per mile. The arrangement fee payable to Chefs In Scotland is £60 plus V.A.T per week per chef for up to a maximum of 10 weeks. The most we would charge for placing a relief chef with you is £600 plus V.A.T.

If the chef takes a permanent position with you, we will charge an additional fee of £200 - £400 plus VAT if it is a Head Chef position. For Sous chef or Chef de partie, no other fee is due.

3) Permanent Placements

Should you ask us to look for a permanent placement chef for you, we will charge a permanent placement fee should you employ someone we suggest to you.

There is no obligation to employ anyone we suggest to you. Should you do so, we will charge the following fees subject to our Terms and Conditions.

The cost of this is as follows:

We charge a “Fee of Interest” up front to look for permanent chefs. The price of a "Fee of Interest" is the same as the cost of an advert and is deducted from the final placement fee. We either take payment in advance or require a PO number if you are an approved creditor.