Out and About Friday 31st May

The availability of relief chefs is ok we are suggesting a 40% chance of getting a chef to you within 1 week. We are happy to take details of positions if you can provide the chef with clean single accommodation, pay the chef weekly and are paid up to date with us.

Some of the chefs are not as well known to us and this may be their first job with us. We will give you all the information we have on the chef and the onus is on the establishment as to whether they want to take them on or not.

We have 24 relief jobs confirmed for the week so far and 79 relief chefs out working. This is up by 6 from last year.

If you are a chef and have availability then please email or PM me

Good hourly rates of pay available and a chance to see Scotland 😊

Here are a few chefs we have out just now

Pawel Cimek and Jason Paxton are still at the Fife Arms in Braemar

Blair Mackay, Alex Boland and Sarah Galloway are all at the Duisdale Hotel on the Isle of Skye

Daniel Haig is at Drovers Inn in Loch Lomond

Barry Owen is at Kinloch Lodge on the Isle of Skye

Marion Pohlmann is at Ardvasar Hotel

Ally Brown is at Loch Melfort Hotel

Colin Thomson has been joined by Alan Macpherson at Brothers Water Inn

Bruce Robertson is at Burts Hotel

Scott Mckie has been extended at the Moorings Hotel Fort William

Thanks to all of our chefs who are working hard and continuing to support CIS 😊

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