Out and About Friday 31st August

We have over 70 chefs still out working on relief, this number has kept steady over the last few weeks.

We have 18 relief jobs confirmed with 1 day to go.

I am still looking to meet relief chefs here in Moffat please get in touch to check our availability.

Chefs we have booked out at the beginning of August

Mark Shaw at Tigh and Eilean Hotel

Philippe Alamichel at Ransacked Black Oven

Richard Clark at Dryfesdale Hotel

John Coghill at Isle Ornsay Hotel

John Bridgeford at Ransacked Black Oven

Jonny Lewis at Yan’s Kitchen

Andy Clifford at Cawdor Tavern

Leon Sinclair at Platform 1864

David Young at Cringletie House Hotel

Mark Harvey at Stotfield Hotel

William Wallace at Scalloway hotel

Steve Moffat at Herges on the Loch

Maria Sullivan at Kintail Lodge

Ally Elder at Fortingall Hotel

Sebastian Luszcynski at Nethy Bridge Hotel

Karim Nasri at Ardlui Hotel

Gordon Wright at Ardlui Hotel

Damian Krzepinski to Coul House Hotel

David Maxwell at Dryfesdale Hotel

Patrick Johnstone at Green Hotel

Calum Smith at Cairndale Hotel

Tim Morris at Deeside Inn

Sarah Pozzi at Galleon Grill

Thanks everyone for all of your hard work and continued support

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