Lowland Brewing Update 20th February 2018

There are a few things happening with the brewery at the moment.

In terms of our building work we have detailed drawings from the surveyors now and we have sent them to a few local tradesmen to get quotes. The drawings have also been submitted to building control for approval. We are planning to get the work started in April.

We now have three equipment quotes and we are looking at a 5-barrel brewing system which would produce up to 800 litres of beer each brew.

The main task now is our application for some grant funding through the Dumfries and Galloway LEADER project. This involves coming up with detailed plans of what we are doing and projections for the future. We are sending away our final draft on the 26th of February and the decision date is mid-March. The grant could award us as much as £40,000 if we are successful.

We also have our next beer tasting and tapas night organised for March 23rd. it is being hosted in Lockerbie at the Mid Annandale Comrades Club for 6 to 9pm. We will be showcasing our share prospectus and continuing to sell shares. If you are interested in buying some shares, we have sold a good few already, they can be purchased at £500 per share.

I also bottled another batch of beer last week. I have changed the recipe around and I think it could be the best one I have made so far. Those tips I picked up in Skye were very helpful!

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