Out and About 29th October 2021

We have 48 relief chefs out working, with 8 jobs confirmed so far for the week.

If you are looking for permanent work please email over your CV’s to we have many jobs available on the website.

Here are a few of the chefs we have out working

Lee Robertson is at Fernhill Hotel in Port Patrick

Graham Thomson has been extended to Christmas at Duisdale House in Skye

Andrew Engledow is finishing up at Fonab Castle and will be taking a break from Cheffing and going back to drive lorries – thanks for your work Andrew good luck 😊

Tony Orr and Henry Samms are over in Tobermory at the Western Isles Hotel.

Eddie Mcdermott is out on relief after finishing up at Carfraemill and is over in Onich at The Loch Leven Hotel

New chef Keith Laurie has started at The Fishers Hotel in Pitlochry

Mark Murray travelled straight from finishing at Kastille in Turriff and has started at The Gretna Chase Hotel.

Thanks to ALL our relief chefs for your continued support and hard work.

Take Care and Stay Safe xx 😊

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