Out and About Friday 13th December

The relief chefs out working is now up to 41, relief has been a little slower this week.

We do expect this to change next week as Christmas approaches

I will be arranging meetings with new relief chefs in the new year so if you would like to join CIS for the 2020 season please email your CV, references and hygiene certificate to

Lots of permanent placements this week some starting before Christmas and some mid January – We wish you all well with your new positions 😊

Here are a few relief chefs we have out working just now

Ross Hunter is back helping Gordon Smillie at The Thainstone House Hotel Blair Mackay is also starting there for a few weeks.

Michael Njororge is back at the Scores Hotel with Gian Devey

Ben Mailer is doing another Christmas Function at the Station Hotel in Perth tomorrow

Peter Norrie is working between The Kastille in Turriff and Royal Hotel in Keith

Pat Johnstone helped out at St Mary’s Monastery in Perthshire last weekend

Michael George is over in Edinburgh at The Kings Manor Hotel

Taylor Mcfarlane is back at The Pinetrees Hotel

Thanks to ALL our chefs for your hard work and support 😊

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