Out and About Friday 13th September 2019

We have 85 relief chefs currently out work all over Scotland, the availability of chefs currently is still tight. If you are a chef who has any availability that is known to us please get in touch.

If you would like to come and have a chat about work for permanent or relief please get in touch to check our availability.

Jessica will be on annual leave next week, she is off to Spain 😊

Jade and myself will be taking over permanent senior recruitment.

Here is a list of chefs we have had out in September so far …………………

Ollie Rankin is at the Isles of Glencoe Hotel as CDP

John Cowie is at The Loch Ness Inn in Drumnadrochit as CDP

Julius Mwambula is at The Waterside Hotel in Peterhead as Head Chef

Craig Morris is at Airds Hotel in Port Appin as CDP

Stephen Falloon is at Columba 1400 in Skye as Sous Chef

Richard Clark was at Platform 1864 in Tain as Sous Chef

Gordon Wright is back at Tontine Hotel in Peebles as Sous Chef

Chris Roberti is at Trigony House in Thornhill as Head Chef

John Taylor is at Thainstone House Hotel in Inverurie as Junior Sous Chef

Corno Cloete is back at Winking Owl in Aviemore at Sous Chef

Anne Brooks a new relief chef is at Mackays Hotel in Wick as CDP

James Pratt is at Isles Inn in Portree as CDP

Karolis Arminas a new relief chef is at The Glenburn Hotel in Rothesay as CDP

Sebastien Schoeder is at The Gathering Bistro in Braemar as Head Chef

Lisa Campbell is going to Oyster Inn in Connell as CDP

Thanks to all our relief chefs for your continued support and very hard work 😊

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