Out and About Friday 23rd October

We currently have 24 relief out working, with no jobs confirmed this week so far.

Just got a job in for Stonehaven and working on getting a local chef …………………….

Here are all the chefs we have had out since coming out of lockdown (75 in total)

Dave Mcconachie, Glyn Musker, Peter Norrie, Alan MacPherson, Stuart MacColl, Michael Njoroge, Damian Bolton, Daniel Haig, Alan Rennie, Colin Thomson, Ally Brown, Martin Kelly, Jo Fenner, Julian Robinson, Jason Keenan, Barry Owen, Ryan Williamson, Dino Magnotta, Ally McGeachy, Lisa Campbell, Craig Eggers, Ed Stankaitis, Chloe Hay, Glenn Richards, Ionel Rizea, Norbert Waniek, Kevin Berry, Ian Godfrey, Patrick Johnstone, Vytis Baltrunas, Lee Tomlinson, Trevor Williams, Douglas Gillies, Phil Smith, Paul Hackland, Derrick Bartley, Michael George,, Paddy Farren, Colin Galway, Mark Shaw, Lorne MacDougall, Colin Thomson, Reece Watkins, Steven Mathieson, Leslie Kehoe, Ezekiel Ochieng, Tim Morris, Martin Ewart, Lukasz Kranz, Chris Hetherington, Lee rodger, Ally Elder, Nadia Sergejeva, Corno Cloete, Martin Nel, Brian Murphy, Steven Gannon, Graeme Kennedy, Jason Paxton, Andy Spence, Leon Edgson, Gordon Smillie, Mark Bellingham, Richard Wire, Bobby Ainsworth, Ollie Rankin, Andy Westwood, Robert McKillop, Robin McCrindle, Richard MacPherson, Tony Orr, James McPherson, Ben Donaldson, Jordan Drysdale, Craig Wood.

Thanks to you all for your hard work and continued support

Stay Safe 😊

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