Out and About Friday 6th December

We currently have 35 relief chefs out working, 9 jobs confirmed for the week so far.

We have had a few festive bookings, there are still chefs available for over the festive period.

Double time is payable on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Jessica is back in the office from Monday, Jade will be on annual leave for 1 week.

I will post our Christmas opening hours

Here are a few chefs we have out working at the moment

Ally Elder is back at Dalhousie Castle he was first there in 2018

Dave Mcconnachie is at Angus and Ale in Aberdeen

Norbert Waniek and Jason Paxton are at The Castle Hotel in Huntly

Glyn Musker is at Glenapp Castle

Pawel Halicki is at Cabarfeidh Hotel in Stornoway

Sarah Pozzi is at The Craig Manor Hotel in Windermere

Ian McColm is at Ardlui Hotel

Thanks to all our relief chefs, we appreciate all your hard work and support 😊

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