Out and About Friday 7th January

We currently have 16 relief chefs out working in Scotland.

7 jobs confirmed for the week so far

We are now getting a few CV’s coming through and sent out with a couple of interviews to be arranged

If you are looking for permanent work please email your CV to along with your reference details

For relief work the work at the moment is quiet as expected for the time of year, we are happy to register new chefs but priority always does go to chefs who are well known to us and who have worked and completed the most jobs.

Here are a few chefs we still have out working

Bobby Ainsworth at Rowantree Hotel in Aviemore

Lorne Brown at Drovers Inn along with Ryan Williamson

Mark Shaw over in Argyll at the Royal an Lochan Hotel

Christophe De Saint Do at Loch Fyne Hotel

Philippe Alamichel and Gillet Libabu at The Winnock Hotel

Richard Booth at The Isles Inn in Portree

Thanks to you all for your hard work and continued support 😊

Take care and stay safe xx

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