13th April 2018

13th April 2018 Newsletter

“Makings of an Entrepreneur”

Rule 1: Pitch up

Rule 2: Pitch up

Rule 3: it is a struggle. You are working away, trying hard… continue to pitch up.

Rule 4: Nothing is going quite right; your work colleagues are getting adverts for fun, making placements (both relief and permanent) like picking apples from a low lying apple tree. You are getting nothing. Nada…nichts…nic..hakuna..rien…squat diddly. See Rule 1 pitch up.

Rule 5: listen, be aware of all that is happening around you, take note, carry forward, work on, try to improve, learn.

Rule 6: Persevere. This isn’t going to come easily and happen overnight. Your name is not Zucherberg.

Rule 7: Persevere. Didn’t work yesterday? Huh? Not working today. Guess what it may not work out tomorrow either. It may not work out next week. Your name is not Alexander Graham Bell.

Rule 8: Adapt, fed up of sinking. Why not try swimming. Learn to swim, it may be difficult and the first strokes hard and those other swimmers will swim past you as you splash and gasp for air.

Rule 9: Adapt. Others have struggled and learned to learn from failure. Keep trying. Keep striving to improve. Don’t give up.

Rule ten: Pitch up. Make 4 permanent placements in a week. Get adverts for fun. Make Beer.

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