2nd September 2019

As we enter our first week of September and the leaves start to change a lot of chefs will have their thinking caps on for producing their autumn/winter menu’s and the dreaded Christmas menu; after all it is only 17 weeks until the big day! Sense the excitement. I’ve certainly noticed in the last week after we had the bank holiday sun that it has cooled down a lot. The darker mornings are slowly creeping in on us and the 5 o’clock darkness will be with us soon. It won’t be long until we have our hats and scarves hunted out. As we fast approach the autumn period it had me thinking about making comfort food again and getting the slow cooker back out to create stews for coming home to. Comfort foods to me are things like mince and tatties and pots of your granny’s home - made soup! Something even through the summer, I got to enjoy; every Tuesday to be precise.

What does comfort food mean to you and have you had a think about your autumn/winter menus for the cold season ahead? I enjoy going into restaurants throughout the colder season and there are dishes such as Irish stew or thick soups, something my granny likes to say will ‘stick to your ribs’. Do you take a piece of home – cooked family tradition into the kitchen with you?

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