4 weeks at Chefs In Scotland

I have been at Chef In Scotland for 4 weeks now. I have enjoyed the last 4 weeks in the office with Johanna and Jessica and had the chance to work with Alannah for a few days whilst Jessica enjoyed some time off.

I have learned a variety of new skills in the last four weeks and have received excellent training from Jessica, Johanna and Michael. I have learned to use new Microsoft packages which I had never used before, as well as using my own email to contact chefs and establishments.

I received my first advert last week and my first permanent placement yesterday with the guidance of Johanna and Jessica. I enjoyed the thrill of getting my first placement and enjoyed the process of doing so and hope to get many more in the near future.

My daily tasks throughout the day include: references, invoices, filing employer forms, adverts and sending out CV’s to establishments. I also enjoy keeping my Facebook page updated and keeping in contact with chefs and owners of hotels that I am working with.

Working at Chefs In Scotland has been a complete change for me as I used to work in the retail industry as a sales assistant. Working for Chefs In Scotland is a much more rewarding job compared to what I used to do and suits me much better.

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