6 weeks in 15 Well Street

So as of last week, we will have had the Chefs In Scotland office in Well Street for 6 weeks and in our opinion the move has been very successful. There were a few teething issues in the beginning with BT with the internet which were resolved quickly, and the business is extremely busy. This month we are on target to smash some goals with regards to permanent placements made, adverts on our website and relief jobs out. Tom has been very busy getting lots of junior chefs placed and getting ready to go to the brewery in a few weeks’ time which he will update you all on very shortly. Johanna is back in full swing getting lots of relief chefs placed, meeting chefs and getting new chefs out working. The feedback for most of our new relief chefs has been very good. I have been working on getting senior chefs placed and the head and sous chef list is ever growing so if you are looking for something new just get in touch.

Being in the centre of town is beneficial for us as we are not far should we need supplies or just to get some fresh air for lunch while being in front of the computer all day. Michael has taken a step back now and we meet once a week to discuss the goings on in the office and any ongoing projects.

Alannah who has had a beautiful baby girl in February and is away on maternity leave but will be returning for a few days to cover mine and Johanna’s days off, so you will all be hearing a familiar voice over the phone during this time which we are looking forward to.

All in all, we are working extremely hard to get as many chefs out working all over Scotland. Yes, there is a shortage of chefs however if you are willing to put a good package in place for chefs you will get candidates although the quality is mixed at this time of year. We do our utmost to chase references and give you as much information about the chefs as we can however they are not all as well known to us at this time of year unfortunately.

We are in the middle of the season now and expect to get busier and our aim is to continue to provide establishments and chefs a prompt and fair service.

Thank you for all your support.


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