Anthony Bourdain Auction

It was on June 9th 2018 that the world found out about Anthony Bourdain’s death. Bourdain wrote the famous book Kitchen Confidential which has been read by chefs all over the world. It tells of his time working in kitchens the good the bad and the ugly. He then went on to travel the world and account this on programs like the Layover.
Last month there was an auction of Anthony Bourdain’s belongings which raised nearly 2 million dollars. A portion of the proceeds went to the Anthony Bourdain Legacy Scholarship at The Culinary Institute of America. The auction including about 200 of his belongings from all over the world. One of the items which raised the most money was his custom-made steel knife which was estimated to be worth about $5000 but sold for $231,250 (£181,017) after 55 bids. The other was the chef’s US Navy jacket with his name on it which sold for $171,150.

These astronomical amounts just go to show how well thought of Bourdain by other chefs and hospitality workers all over the world in life and in death. 40% of the proceeds were donated to the culinary institute where Bourdain studied himself.

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