Caroline Flack

It was very sad to hear over the weekend that Caroline Flack had taken her own life. There has been a lot in the media recently about her personal life regarding an upcoming domestic violence trial involving her boyfriend. She had received countless abuse from both social media and through the press. A petition is doing the rounds through social media as we speak to bring in ‘Carolines Law’. A law that will ban the press and online trolling from posting inaccurate or false accusations about people and to stop cyber bullying. Many of the newspapers and magazines were all paying tribute to her over the weekend, yet only a few weeks ago they had her pending court case plastered over the front pages.

This is the third Love Island star to claim their own life due to severe pressure from the media. Saturday nights show was cancelled due to Caroline’s death, but I personally feel the whole show should be cancelled all together. There are masses of pressure on everyone to look a certain way, act a certain way etc according to what we see daily on social media. Women especially feel the pressure to look like those we see in magazines, newspapers and tv shows.

It is times like these you can truly appreciate not being in the public eye. Everything you do constantly criticised for the world to see. It must be really hard for celebrities to cope with the media and you would need to have a thick skin to cope, but it shouldn’t be that way. Mental health is very important to everyone and we shouldn’t ignore it. We should all know that it is okay to not be okay and end the stigma around mental health. Hopefully there is some good that can come from Caroline's passing, that those who are struggling can finally speak up and get the help they need. A smile can hide so much and we should all be kinder on social media and to those we meet on a daily basis. #carolineslaw #boycottthemedia #benice

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