Chefs leaving the industry

Nearly 20,000 chefs are leaving the hospitality trade every year which is sad to think but we hear of a lot of chefs that are coming away from the trade.

The report discussed that chefs are expected to work long hours with often unpaid overtime. This is one of the reasons we do try to make sure that the positions we look for are paying a decent wage with overtime paid after 48 hours.

There are obviously lots of great aspects when you are working as a chef especially in rural Scotland which has some beautiful places to live and work. We have some of the best produce available locally including fresh game and seafood.

The report is heavily focused on the London restaurant scene which is different to Scotland of course but working in the hospitality trade can be very rewarding work if you have good working terms and conditions which we strive to advise employers about in the best way we can.

What positive advice would you give to a chef who was thinking of leaving the industry?

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