Christmas traditions

With Christmas just only 6 weeks away the Christmas dinner in our house has already been discussed.

I feel that each families Christmas Day is unique and we all have our own traditions and ways of celebrating.

We have always spent Christmas Eve with a Cheese Board and The National Lampoon Christmas Vacation; produced 10 years before I was even born it has been my favourite since I can remember. It would often not be until around 11pm at night before we got to it as I would be working.

Christmas day always start with a full Scottish breakfast, of course, and tea served from my great grans tea pot - another tradition.

We always have either a Prawn Cocktail or Lentil Soup to start. Followed by the traditional turkey and all the trimmings. Pudding is always a meringue dessert of some sort; either pavlova or a roulade and an option of cheesecake. Christmas pudding in our house has never been an option, thankfully as I'm not a fan. We have always had the same dinner for as long as I can remember and I feel that its a tradition I will continue to pass on.

I always remember one of my friends telling me that her family don't open their presents until after 12, after they have had their traditional cola ice cream floats. Something I always thought was bizarre to have on Christmas Day.

My Aunt actually served up Fillet steaks and all the trimmings last year as none of her kids will eat turkey. Personally couldn't have Christmas Dinner without a turkey roast dinner.

At the end of the day, families will have their own personal traditions that are unique to them.

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