Edinburgh restaurateur hits out at diners that are ‘killing the catering industry’ with 'faux' dietary requirements

There is a difference between not liking a specific food/ingredient and being allergic to it. It can be hard for chefs these days when there are a lot of people that claim to be allergic to ingredients so they don't need to eat them. I always think it is a good idea for those with food allergies or those who are vegan to try and plan ahead when eating out although its not always as easy at that! This means they know exactly what is on the menu and they are able to plan what they eat. More and more restaurants will have vegan/ allergy free options on their menus and its almost always usually highlighted on the menu what they can and cant eat but it can be hard for chefs that have picky eaters in and sometimes have to simply give them a plain salad as this is all they will or can eat. It can be especially hard this time of year with all the social gatherings as the restaurant your friends and family want to eat at may not cater for such needs meaning you could potentially miss out.

After the last year with so many people dying due to real allergies it is making those who work with food that extra careful. Thankfully I have no allergies to food and don't need to carry medication but it makes we wonder how much I could fully trust those in the kitchen to carefully prepare my food. After all it is your life at stake!

Does anyone on here have any food allergies that they need to plan social events ahead of or simple things such as preparing your family meals?

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