Educational learning vs on the job training

Educational learning vs on the job training

Over my last year working in the CIS office doing the junior recruitment I have seen that a few hotels and restaurants prefer candidates that hold relevant college/ university certificates that qualify them to work in the kitchen. However, many chefs are given apprenticeship opportunities to learn on the job and that start from the very bottom as a kitchen porter or commis chef and work there way through the ranks that way.

I have had a few hotels/ restaurants regret candidates due to the fact they don’t have relevant qualifications but its not to say that the candidates are not relevant or capable enough of doing the correct job. Don’t get me wrong, it is always more beneficial to go through the college/ universities as it entitles you to health and hygiene/ allergen awareness courses which in some establishments you would need to pay for yourself. Many people say that learning via colleges and universities can give young chefs an unrealistic vision compared to what it is like to work in a busy kitchen. Unless they have had work experience then they don’t fully understand they workings of a busy kitchen.

I would like to hear what your opinion is on the matter and whether you look at candidates’ qualifications as oppose to their experience? Also, how did you train to become a chef?

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