Employment and homelessness

The stability of employment can be transformative though, he says. "It gives routine. It builds up self-confidence and self-respect. Someone can say 'I earn my own money now, I pay taxes. I'm not a charity case anymore'. We need to make them feel human."

It’s good to see that Gary Usher has gave someone the opportunity to get themselves off the street and back into employment. There is a bad stigma around the way employment works in our country. I was watching a programme on the BBC last night about offenders getting back into work in Glasgow. Some of these offenders have totally changed their lives around and are keen to start fresh again and enjoy the rest of their life. You find a lot of places will not employ ex-offenders due to their past and it is sad to see because how will they ever get out of the cycle of being unemployed? I know that there is a company situated in Dumfries that focuses solely on helping ex - offenders find employment again. Companies like these are needed in this society, or the cycle will never be broken for these people.

Everyone deserves a second chance at life and it’s nice to see that Gary has provided this chance to this man.

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