I always remember learning about Fairtrade in school and there always being loads of fundraising events for the charity. Its not until now that I have researched into it more and realised what they actually do. Originally founded in 1992 the now registered charity has changed the lives of workers across the world. Fairtrade aims to provide quality working conditions for those in local farms and plants. There are over 1.66 million workers across the Fairtrade system. Fairtrade aims to provide an equal pay to workers and to ensure working conditions are met to a high standard. They are working hard to ensure that the old ways of ‘slave labour’ are forgotten about and to ensure the farmers and plant owners have a fair say on where and who to that their produce is sold.

It is definitely something I will look into next time I’m in the supermarket, I believe that it is the Co-Op who predominately uses the Fairtrade brand and thinking about it I do see the logo on a lot of the their products, especially coffee and chocolate.

Here are some facts to think about when buying Fairtrade next time your in your local supermarket…
· 23% of all farmers and workers in Fairtrade are women
· 1411 Fairtrade certified producer organisations in 73 countries
· £158.3 million in Fairtrade premium paid to producers in 2016

Jade Porteous

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