Goals for May 2019

It’s hard to believe that we are already at the start of May. It feels as if January was only yesterday. As we get further into the season, we are being kept on our toes with both permanent and relief jobs being registered daily. We are securing chefs with new jobs for the season every week and we are getting new chefs being registered with us too for both permanent, seasonal and relief work.

As we start the new month, we all have new targets to aim for, this gives us goals to work towards. I enjoy having monthly targets as it keeps me motivated to meet them, depending on how the month goes they can’t always be met. I suppose it is part and parcel with the job. I enjoy having goals both in work an outside of work, I enjoy the gym and set myself monthly goals which I always want to meet. I think having goals is an important aspect of working and social life, it gives you something to aim for and keep you motivated.

With the first day of the month drawing in, have you set yourself any personal goals for this month? Either in work or in a personal hobby of yours?

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