Healthy lifestyle when working in the kitchen

With this cold weather we have been experiencing it feels like the perfect time of year for what I would describe as comfort food. It’s a time for warming pies, hearty stews, hot pots, spicy curries and sometimes old-fashioned puddings. When you are working in a kitchen it can be so hard to eat sensibly at the best of times. I always used to struggle when I worked the pastry section as there was always so much fresh bread and desserts around it was hard to resist.

In the office its not too hard to get into a healthy eating routine as we have set lunch breaks but when you work in a kitchen and you work split shifts its hard to get into a good routine where you aren’t just eating whatever is going and eating on the go. It was a rare occasion to have a sit-down meal when I worked in the kitchen apart from one establishment which had set meal times and a good staff area. There are more and more establishments we speak to who have areas to have staff meals at certain times which I guess would be good for staff moral although not always do-able especially on a busy Saturday night.

When I was working splits, I used to go swimming at the local gym, or I would go for a walk in the area surrounding the staff accommodation which was in the Borders at the time. I found that this was a good way to maintain good overall well-being and was a nice way to clear your head from prep-lists and evening service.

What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working in a busy kitchen?

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