How important is appreciation in your job?

It is well known that a person who is appreciated in their job will go the extra mile by either coming in a bit earlier or working a bit later if needed to get the job done. In the hospitality industry this is something that chefs, me included in the past, are required to do all the time.

Is extra appreciation required for going the extra mile or is that just part of doing a job well done?

Richard Branson who is a well-known entrepreneur with very successful businesses says that if you look after your staff they will look after your customers. Happy staff=happy customers. Does feeling underappreciated in the work place make you less likely to go the extra mile and to just do the bare minimum?

We try and make sure that hoteliers and restaurant owners are aware that chefs are looking for either an hourly rate or overtime payable after the contracted number of hours is worked. We find that chefs are happy to work the extra hours if required if they are being paid for it, which is fair right? However sometimes this isn’t always the case, we find that sometimes it is still presumed to be ‘the industry’ which is frustrating.

Would you prefer to be remunerated for extra hard work or is it things like an odd weekend off, early finish or a good Christmas party that makes you feel appreciated?

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