Meatless Monday's - The latest social media trend

The latest trend on my social media at the moment is the ‘Meatless Monday’s’ trend. Beyoncé and Jay – Z have promised free tickets to fans that are willing to go Vegan for at least one day of the week. The response has been crazy and social media has blown up over it. Being a big meat eater myself I wonder if I could really stick to a Vegan diet for the sake of Beyoncé tickets but I would certainly give it a go!

The idea has been inspired from Beyoncé’s personal trainer who has released a ’22 day nutrition green print project’ designed to introduce meatless Mondays into your diet or to consume 2 plant based meals per day to qualify. Entries will be submitted and a winner will be chosen on 22nd May 2019.

I can fully understand why there is a growing trend for veganism at the moment and I think the challenge of ‘meatless Monday’s’ is a good idea. It is certainly something I will consider for the sake of 1 day out of 7. It really just shows you the power celebrities have over social media and what some people will do to get something for free.

Would you ever consider a vegan diet if your favourite singer/ band was offering free tickets to their shows?

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