Monday 10th February

Monday 10th February

A rather wet Monday here in Moffat with torrential rain over the weekend. We are expected snow this week and across other parts of the region. A nice busy start to the week in the office with 1 relief confirmed, 4 permanent and 3 adverts. We are hoping for a busy week here in the CIS office. Lots of new jobs getting registered every week and CV’s coming in daily.

I was reading an article this morning about the rise in the minimum wage that will become effective as of April. The national minimum wage will rise to £8.72 per hour for those over 25 and up to £8.20 for those 21 and over. We are very lucky to have the higher minimum wage here in the UK I comparison to other countries. When I was over in America, waiting staff solely rely on tips to make up their daily rate and if the service isn’t good then they don’t make the extra money. The minimum wage in America accumulates to around £5.60 per hour ($7.25 per hour) which is what I was making when I was around 16.

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