Monday 16th March

Individual Iceland stores around the country have introduced an OAP's hour from 8am and 9am, some other stores have opened at different times to their preference. This was introduced to allow the elderly to shop in quieter and less stressful times. Bulk buying has became a nation wide problem and is stopping many vulnerable people getting the essentials needed to survive. I personally haven't stocked up on any essential items as I dont feel there is a need for it quite yet. Items such as toilet roll, long life milk, baby formula and pasta/rices are in high demand. Luckily where we are situated our local Co-op is well stocked and we also have an essentials shop up the high street. However, travel 15 minutes down the road to Lockerbie Tesco and the shelves are getting rather bare. We need to look after the more vulnerable in our communities and bulk buying only stops this.

Our local bakery is doing deliveries around the town to those who are more vulnerable and for the over 70's who are too scared to leave their house. We have a great community here in Moffat and it looks like the community is putting things in to place now before we are all in lock down like Spain, Italy and China. Hopefully it wont come to this but measures need to be in place.

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