My favourite place to eat

I went out to my favourite Italian last Friday for dinner at a place called Claudio’s, here in Moffat. If you are looking for amazing homemade Italian food then this is the place to visit. Claudio’s used to be the old police station in Moffat and was taken over by the Capriglione family 20 years ago. They turned the old cells into a rustic Italian restaurant that the people of Moffat have loved over the years. They have been cooking the same delicious food all of these years and have kept the same clientele. Every time I visit Claudio’s I am never disappointed, they always serve food to the same standards and are known for this throughout the region. They currently have a themed menu on every Friday night as well as the main menu. The Friday menus are based on the different regions throughout Italy and they have a 4 course menu on to suit each region.

My family has been dining at Claudio’s since I can remember and it’s a place you never get tired of visiting. When myself and my partner went last weekend we shared a starter of ham and fontina cheese croquettes served with an aioli dip. Within 2 minutes of the start being on our table it was gone, simply delicious, so much so that I actually forgot to take a photo of either courses; something I rarely do. Our mains quickly followed, both of us chose the surf and turf. A medium fillet steak cooking in garlic butter and topped with langoustines and king prawns. I very rarely come to Claudio’s now and don’t have a fillet steak as my main, it is definitely the best steak I’ve had. No dessert this time as we were too stuffed but I would usually have the milk chocolate profiteroles, thinking back now I can’t imagine why I didn’t have them!

Nothing beats homemade traditional food and at Claudio’s that is what you are getting! Chain Italian restaurants don’t come close to the genuine thing. Myself and my partner are definitely foodies; we are visiting an Italian chain restaurant this week in Glasgow as part of a Christmas present. I’m rather sceptical when visiting chain restaurants because there is no authenticity about them, whereas at Claudio’s you are getting that homemade genuine feel. I will let you know how it is though, I may be surprised!

I have attached some photos from when we went in January for my Birthday, we had the scallops to start and of course a fillet steak, with a Diane sauce instead of the garlic butter. If you are ever in Moffat and fancy some fantastic food then Claudio’s is for sure the place to stop. They only serve evening meals at the moment and are open throughout the summer for lunches. I would always advise to book though as they are always busy; a sign of a good restaurant.

Jade Porteous

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