non UK workers post Brexit

Working in Scottish hospitality industry post Brexit and coming from outwith the UK

Employers need a license to sponsor applicants on a Tier 2 or General work visa which is main UK visa route for skilled workers
9 November 2020, Home Secretary Priti Patel announced that the Government’s new points-based immigration bill had passed through Parliament.
"The so-called ‘Australian-style’ immigration system is designed to favour workers who are judged to be ‘high-skilled’, and end ‘low-skilled’ migration from the EU once the UK leaves the bloc at the end of the year.
Those wishing to come and work in the UK from the EU under the new system would have to secure a job with a minimum salary threshold of £25,600.
Employees earning less than £25,600, but more than £20,480, would still be able to apply for a visa if it was to work in a 'specific shortage occupation' role; while anyone earning less than £20,480 would not be able to take a job in the country.
Government visa sponsor scheme
UK employers wishing to hire skilled migrants must be registered on the Government visa sponsor scheme.
Since 1st January 2021 all overseas workers will require a visa.
Since 1st January 2021 businesses must pay an Immigration Skill Charge (ISC) of £1,000 per year for each skilled overseas worker they employ. "
If anyone finds any of this information wrong or has better pointers, please I would be delighted to know

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Nikolay Naydenov on March 17 2021 at 11:00

Peoples with settled and pre-settled status can work , without restrictions .
Pls , visit for more info .
Thank you