Out and about 16th November 2018

We have 49 reliefs chefs currently out working which is just slightly up on last year. Johanna is away on annual leave and I have been working on getting relief jobs out which is mostly a few days here and there. Jade has been busy progressing the large number of CVs we have been getting in which is typical for the time of year.

If you are looking to come and have a chat about any permanent or relief work, we will be available Tuesday – Thursday 11am or 2pm as of 27th November, please get in touch for our availability.

Some of the chefs we have out working at the moment include Jonny Lewis who is finishing a stint up in Wick at The Mackays Hotel. Sebastian Luzczynski who has travelled up to the Cairngorm hotel and has been there since the middle of last month. Scott Murdoch who is new to us this year is over at The Glenburn Hotel where he has been asked to stay on for longer than he was booked for. Paul Deakin is over at The Scalloway Hotel in Shetland. Scott Macintyre is up in Turiff at the Royal Hotel. Shaun Murray is at The Stotfield Hotel and Jamie Atkinson is working at the Inn on the Tay in Perthshire.

This is not including all the other great relief chefs we have out working with us.

Relief work will be patchy in November but will pick up in the lead up to the festive period.

Thanks for all your continued support 😊

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