Out and about 22nd December 2017

I have counted relief chefs currently still working and there is still over 45 this is around 10 + more than last year.

We will be looking to get relief chefs registered for work from around the end Feb early March 2018 for the season ahead and will be looking to have met all new relief chefs.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for all your hard work which has been a very busy year for you and Chefs In Scotland.

Keep an eye out for more competitions.

You still have lots of time to nominate chefs for Chef of the Year 2018!!!!

Just a few chefs to mention in no particular order

Stuart MacColl, Jenny Quashie, Scott Bolton, Kenny Bruce, Pawel Halicki, Scott MacIntyre, George McCallum, Glyn Musker, Michael Njoroge, Dale Paton, Craig Brown, Alan Baird, Paul Wenbourne, Lillian Clarkson, Graham Smith, Mark Carswell, Pawel Cimek, Douglas ‘Denzil’ Gillies, Alan MacPherson, Phil Smith, Jason Paxton, Paul Sellers, Yousef Shengheer, John Taylor, Ben Mailer, Don Craig, Sarah Pozzie, Cameron Brown, Michael George, David Ironside, Daniel Haig, Graham Mcleish, Shaun Murray, Bruce Robertson, Ionel rizea, Steve Nye, Kevin MacAngus, Donnie Lamont …………………. The list could go on.

I hope you all have a great Christmas, Thanks you all again

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