Out and About Friday 17th November 2017

There are currently 46 chefs out on jobs through us which is nearly doubled since last year.

I have been working on relief this week as Johanna is having a well-deserved two weeks off. Myself and Tom have been working towards beating last years statistics and we are not far off! I have actually quite enjoyed a little bit of a change as although we all pitch in to help get the relief jobs filled I think this is the first time I’ve had a... full run at it. The pace of relief is very different to permanent recruitment and it is much more reactive. It is a little bit quieter on relief which we do expect for this time of year.

A few relief chefs we have out working with us at the moment are:

Chris Daily is back working at The East Haugh House Hotel where he spent time working in the summer.
Sarah Jeffrey is over in Skye at The Duisdale Hotel.
Michael Pallister has finished working at The Blackbull Hotel in Lauder and is heading over to Knockomie Hotel in Forres for a week.
Alex Burns has been asked to stay on a bit longer at The Newton Hotel in Nairn.
Michael George has been posting some lovely photos of the food during his time at The Cullen Bay Hotel.
Claudio Rickard who is new to us this year is on his second job with us at The Old Manor Hotel after completing most of the season in Tongue where the feedback was excellent.
Jason Paxton is over in Memus at The Drovers Inn until the end of the year.
Shaun Murray is working for a few days in Dumfriesshire at The Gables.
Daniel Haig is completing a two-week stint at The Victoria Hotel in Bute.
Lillian Clarkson is working at The Queens Hotel in Oban with John Derrick.
Richard Gunn is working at The Links Hotel in Montrose until the new year.
Blair Mackay has just finished working back at The Eden Court.

Thank you all for your hard work and continued support.

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