Out and About Friday 1st December

There are 40 relief chefs out working which is 17 up on last year.

With Christmas fast approaching, we are still waiting on some of you to get in touch with your festive availability.

Double time is payable on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Relief jobs have been coming in steady this week with 10 jobs filled so far.

We have also met a few chefs at our offices in Moffat. If you are thinking of doing relief work next season, please get in touch with your CV and references to

Looking back to this time last year

Sarah Jeffrey was booked to go to Aysgarth Falls – currently at Duisdale Hotel

Mark Murray was at The Kingsmills Hotel – currently working at a permanent job in Edinburgh

Ally Bell was booked to go to The Wheatsheaf – currently working at a permanent job close to his home

Allen Jack was booked to go to The Stotfield Hotel – currently at Ben Nevis Hotel

Daniel Haig was booked to go to the Grant Arms Hotel – he has just finished at The Victoria Hotel and is booked for over Christmas

Derrick Bartley was at The Old Manor Hotel – currently still working at Loch Melfort Hotel

Shaun Murray was at The Cross Keys Hotel – just finished at The Gables Hotel

Mark Shaw was at Auchrannie Resort – currently waiting on his next assignment

Glyn Musker was at The Morritt Hotel – currently travelling back home to Crewe to return to Turriff at The Kastille

I would like to thank all relief chefs for their hard work over what has been a very busy season hoping some of you are enjoying a little down time before your next job.

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